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Nineteenth Days Proceedings Trail of Bahadur Shah - Extract from the Delhi Urdu News No XV Vol XIX

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May 1, 2023 at 5:19:07 AM

National archives of India


Nineteenth Days Proceedings Trail of Bahadur Shah - Extract from the Delhi Urdu News No XV Vol XIX



April 12 , 1857






April 30, 2023 at 8:00:00 PM


Mohammed Abdulkarim

Nineteenth Days Proceedings Trail of Bahadur Shah - Extract from the Delhi Urdu News No XV Vol XIX


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The Translation and Comment


 Mohammed Abdulkarim:

 of Original Document:


              Locat  News—Cahul—A  correspondent  of  the  Delhi  Gazette, writing  from  Cabul  under  date  the  29th  March,  says,  that  the small  force  ordered  by  the  Amir  Dost  Muhammad  Khan  to punish  the  people  of  Pesh  Bolak  and  Surju  Khail  had  returned to  Jallalabad,  after,  as  it  appears,  an  engagement  with Muhammad  Shah  Khan,  in  which  nearly  30  of  them  were killed,  and  about  the  same  number  wounded.  Although  the Amir’s  soldiers  took  a  great  quantity  of  Muhammad  Shah Khan’s  baggage,  the  Khan,  to  save  his  life, escaped  to  the forts  in  the  country  about  Lumghan.  The  brother  of  Mirdad Khan  had  just  arrived  from  Jailalabad,  and  informed  the correspondent  that  the  said  Amir  had  marched  in  the  direction of  Tatmeg,  but  it  was  not  known  then  whether  he  would celebrate  the  festival  of  the  new  year’s  day  at  Balla  bagh  or at  Cabul,  The  brother  of Mirdad  Khan  also  mentioned that  some  English  Newspapers  published  in  India  were  read to  the  Amir,  in  which  the  mismanagement  of  Government was  canvassed  in  advancing  money  to  the  Amir,  who,  the papers  said,  was  keeping  up  relations  on  both  sides,  and  that on  hearing  this  the  Amir  remarked,  that  when  the  English get  into  any  difficulty  they  expended  millions  of  pounds sterling,  and  that  now  when  the  Persians,  instigated  by  the Russians,  were  planning  the  invasion  of  Afghanistan,  with the  ulterior  design  of  disturbing the  Government of  India, the  Governor  General  had,  with  wisdom  and judgment,considered  his,  the  Amir’s  alliance,  worth  having.  The correspondent  adds,  that  it  is  much  discussed  at  Cabul  that in  consequence  ofthe  instigation  and  mischievous  designs  of Sultan  Muhammad  Khan,  Inam  Haji  is  exciting  the  inhabitants  of  the  hill  country,  and  that  it  is  also  currently  reported that  Sultan  Jan  has,  with  entreaty  and  supplication,  applied to  the  Persian  Commander-in-Chief  at  Herat  for  permission to  invade  Girrishk  affirming  that  the  people  of  Girrishk  have agreed  to  assist  him  on  the  condition  that  the  taxes  be  re- mitted  for  three  years. 

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