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Reported by The Morning Post about Firuz Shah (Karim Us-Shuja) on February 2, 1860

Reported by The Morning Post about Firuz Shah (Karim Us-Shuja) on February 2, 1860

Secret Papers


March 16, 2023 at 7:55:34 AM

British News Paper Archive


London, England

News Paper Department

February 02 , 1860


July 20, 2022 at 8:00:00 PM


Mohammed Q, Binghalib


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The Translation and Comment


Mohammed Q, Binghalib:

 of Original Document:







     Viscountess Palmerston had an assembly last evening at Cambridge House. His Royal Highness the Prince of Orange honoured her ladyship with his presence, arriving at eleven o'clock. His Highness Prince Feroze Shah md his Highness Prince Ghofam Mahommed also honoured her ladyship with their presence. Amongst the diplomatic corps present were : — 


      His Excellency the Turkish Ambassador, his excellency the Belgian Minister, his Excellency the Prussian Minister and the Countess Bernstorff, his Excellency the Russian Minister and the Baroness Brunnow, his Excellency the Greek Minister and Madame Tricoupi and Miss Tricoupi, his Excellency the Minister for the Hanse Towns T his Excellency the Portuguese Minister, his Excellency the Saxon minister , his excellency  the American Minister and Mr. Dalla s and Miss Dallas, his Excellency the Minister for the Netherlands, his Excellency the Brazilian Minister, his Excellency the Bavarian Minister, his Excellency the Hanoverian Minister, Count Jaucourt, M. Dutrad, Count Brandenburg, Count Paumgarten, M. Delfosse, M C. Tricoupi, M. Oliviera, Viscount de Car- valho, Chevalier de Berg, Count Grappi, Atc….


    Amongst the general circle were the Duchess of Inver- ness and Miss Gore, the Duke and Duchess of Somerset, the Marquis of Stafford, the — of Abingdon, Dowager Countess Spencer and Lady Sarah Spencer, Dowager Countess of Lichfield and Lidy Gwendolen's Anson, the Earl and Countess Stanhope, the Countess of Craven and toe Ladies Craven (2), Frances Countess Waldegrave and Mr. Harcourt, M.P., the Countess of Sefton and Lady C. Molvneux, Viscount and Viscountess Castlerosse, Viscount Chelsea, Viscount Stratford de Redcliffe, Viscount Maase- reene, Counter de Flahault and Miss Elphinstone de Fla- hault, Count Strzlecki, Lord and Lady Lyveden and Miss iitspatock, Lord and Lady Henley, Lord de Tabley, Lord Edward St. Maur, Lord William G. Osborne, Lord Sey- mour Mid Lady Ulrica St. Maur, Lady Margaret Beaumont, Lord Llanoyer, Mr. and Lady Catherine Ricardo, Lady Creorguma Romilly, Lady Elizabeth Romilly and Miss Rus- sell, the. Right Hon. Sir Charles Wood, M.P, and Lady Mary Wood and Miss Wood, Lady Theresa Lewis and Mis» Lister, the Right Hon. Sir William Hayter, M.P , and Lady Hayter, the Right Hon. Edward Ellice, M.P., the Right Hon. C. P. ViUiers, the Right Hon. W. E. Glad- stone M.P. , and Mrs. Gladstone, the Right Hon. Sir Hamilton and Lady Seymour and the Misses Seymour (2), Hon. Arthur Kinnaiid, Hon. George EUiot, Hon. Mrs. Sidney Herbert, Hon. Harris Temple, Hon. Henry Caven- dish^ Sir Charles and Lady M'Carthy, Sir John SheUey, M.P. Sir Henry Holland and Miss HoUand, Sir Roderick Murchison, Sir John Bowring, Sir John Lawrence, Sir Alexander Bannerman, Sir Thomas and Lady Trou- bndge, Sir Richard and Lady Airey, Sir Harry Verney, General Fox, Colonel Tyrwhitt, Colonel Ponsonby, Colonel lockyer Freestun, M.P., Colonel and Mrs. Armytage, Dr -Quin Dr and Mrs. Ferguson, Mrs. John Leslie, Mr. and Mrs. William Harcourt, Mr. Repton, MP, Mr. Charles Buxton, M.P., and Mrs. Buxton, Mr. Ridley, M.P., Mr. Mitford Mr. Campbell of Islay and Miss Campbell, Mr. Sandwith Sherson - Mr. Hayward, Mr. Charles Clif- ford, M.P. Mr. Verney, Mr. W. F. Campbell, Mr. Edward Drummond Mr. and Mrs. John Townley, Mr. Henry Rich, M.P, and Mrs. Rich, Mr. Charles Forster, M.P, and Mrs. Forster, Mr. J W. Wilkins, Mr. Stuart Wortley, Mr. and Mrs. Higgins, Mr. and Mrs. Gowan Vernon, Mr. Macleod of Macleod, Mr. George RusseU, Mr. Bernal Osborne, M.P , Mr. George Cavendish, Mr. Augustus Lumley, Mr. Oliphant, Mr. Arthur Russell, Mr. Swinton, Mr. Borthwick, Mr. Frederick Willis, Mr. Alderson, Mr. and Mrs. Algernon West, Mr. R. W. Grey, M.P., Mr. Deasv, M.P , Mr. Delane, Mr. Crawford, M.P., Mr. ViUiers, Mr. Lister, Mr Panizzi, Mr. Alfred Seymour, Mr. Strachey, Mr. Calcraft, Mr. Chichester Fortescue, M.P., Mr. Fleming & c.

Previously to the assembly the noble viscount and vis- countess entertained at dinner— His Excellency the Ambassador  of France and the Countess de Persigny, his Excellency the Sardinian Minister, the Earl and Countess of Shaftesbury and Lady Victoria Ashley, Lord and Lady Wodehouse, Lord Dufferin, Viscount Raynham, Mr. and Lady Elizabeth St. Aubyn, the Right Hon. W. F. Cowper, M.P., and Mrs. Cowper, Mr. Rumbolt & C


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