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Enquiry about Firuz Shah(Karim Us-Shuja) dated 12th January 1869

Secret Papers


March 15, 2023 at 6:50:13 AM

National Archives of India,Delhi

Enquiry about Firuz Shah(Karim Us-Shuja) dated 12th January 1869


Foriegn Department

January 12, 1869






September 15, 2022 at 8:00:00 PM


Mohammed Q, Binghalib

Enquiry about Firuz Shah(Karim Us-Shuja) dated 12th January 1869


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The Translation and Comment


Mohammed Q, Binghalib:

 of Original Document:

Enquiry about Firuz Shah(Karim Us-Shuja)  dated 12th January 1869


      We have the honor to forward, for the information of Her Majesty's Government, a copy of the papers enumerated in the accompanying Abstract of Contents, regarding the movements of Sirdar- Shumshoodeen Khan one of the Generals of Aaim Khan, Ex-Ameer of Cabul, and of the Delhi ‘rebel

Feroze Shah.


                    Abstract of the Contents of a Despatch to Her Majestys" Secretary of State -   for India , No.12 , dated 12th January 1869.


No.2    Abstract of Contents.

No. 3.--From Secretary to Government, Bombay


             Forwards a copy of a letter from the Political Agent, Upper Sind Frontier, announcing the arrival at Khelat of  Sirdar Shumshoodeen Khan, one of the Cabul Ex:-Ameer Azim Khan’s Commanders, and the movements of Feroze Shah the Delhi rebel.


No. 4—-To Secretary to .Government, Bombay.


                    In reply, intimates that the Khan of Khelat should not allow Sirdar Shumshoodeen Khan to intrigue or create disorder in Afghanistan. The sentiments of Ameer Shere Ali with regard to this man will be ascertained through the Government of the Punjab. Feroze Shah should not be allowed an asylum

in Khelat or any place on the frontier, if possible, and the influence of all Political Officers should be exerted to keep him at a distance, and to deprive him of the means of carrying on treason  within our own territories.


No. 5.—-To Secretary to Government, Punjab. 


                  Forwards copy of the letter from the Bombay Government regarding Sirdar Shumshoodeen Khan and Feroze Shah,and requests that the feelings and wishes of the Ameer Shere Ali with regard to the former may be ascertained; also communicates the instructions issued to the Government of

Bombay on the subject.

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