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Vol-1 Encyclopedia of the history of Iraq between two occupations - Part 1 - موسوعة تاريخ العراق بين احتلالين - ج ١

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Subject Era:

Mongols 1206-1368


Abbas Al-Azzawi







Publisher and Place:

Arab House of Encyclopedias 2004 AD.



ISBN 10|13:


Royal Mughal Ref:


Publisher date:

Baghdad Press 1935


Praise be to God, Lord of the worlds, and may peace and blessings be upon His Messenger Muhammad and his family and companions as a whole.

History today is different from yesterday’s on which social and economic sciences are based, and it is the dependency of nations in establishing their administration, order, and conducting their policy .and from these and other aspects, no less important and useful than material sciences, but more abundantly . History is the march of groups towards virtuous administrations, and led them to accept the best of the international curricula, and the people still walk in the light of its light towards the best goal and decent perfection. And what our poet said:

And what history has been written in all that she narrated
For its readers only apocryphal hadith
We looked for the order of the attendees, Vrabna
How, by order of the treacherous, we believe
It is carried on for minor reasons, ceremonies and outward forms that have nothing to do with the basis ... It does not mean denying the basis of history, and questioning or suspicious of all its narrations ... Rather, there are aspects that it is not right to ignore or hesitate to

Accepting them as the existence of nations, recognizing their formations, designating their administrations, knowing their cultures and relations with their neighbors, and their social and individual life ... to the last thing that is not correct to be confronted with denial except that exaggerations in showing that, or minimizing his status and being indifferent to him and other matters ... What he does not pay attention to, and scientific scrutiny brings him back to his first biography, and exaggeration is explained by showing that as an appearance of greatness, or underestimating it ... for an excessive lover and an excessive hatred and examples of that are many, and the truth is that the status of the people is known and their status is clearly evident to the seeker ...

And since history is related to society in terms of recording its facts, then the best dates do not see our news, and what is closest to us in order to facilitate acceptance and discussion, and it is the first to take and benefit, and the most worthy of consideration ... and from this date a page that predicts the relevance of the facts to us at a time, or an unavoidable experience We have from her memory always to derive from a specific benefit, a sermon and a continuous lesson that we do not refrain from and do not separate from us ... and her incidents continue to ring in the ears and her news is told with a discomfort and resentment, and her pain is varied from time to time, and it caused a sound not in Iraq alone, but its resonance reached the edges of the globe I mean By it (the Mughal government) or the government of Hlako in Iraq ... and this control lasted from Safar in the year 656 AH / 1258 CE and extended to the year 738 AH. 1338 AD, which is the first foreign, non-Muslim government that occupied Iraq after the Islamic conquest by about six and a half centuries. The Iraqis saw unfamiliar and they saw what did not occur to their imaginations. The same is true for the nations with regard to the capabilities written on them and the disasters that befell them

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