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1857 Uprising (1) Badshahi Army - Mirza Jawan Bakht

January 1, 1857
Mirza Firuz Shah
Bahadur Shah II 1837–1857




Mirza Jawan Bakht (1841 – 18 September 1884) was the son of Emperor Bahadur Shah II, also called Zafar, and Zinat Mahal. He was the fifteenth son of his father and the only son of his mother. His mother nursed the ambition of placing him on the Mughal throne. Biography His mother, Zinat Mahal, saved him all through 1857 rebellion and kept him in safe custody. She began promoting her son, Mirza Jawan Bakht, as heir to the throne over the Emperor's remaining eldest son Mirza Fath-ul-Mulk Bahadur. But due to the primogeniture policy of the British, this was not accepted. On 2 April 1852, at the age of eleven, he was married in a grand ceremony in Delhi to Nawab Shah Zamani Begum, his mother's niece. His mother planned his lavish 10-day wedding to elevate his stature for the throne. After the Mughal emperor's death in Rangoon, he was buried there. Jawan Bakht and his teacher Hafiz Mohammed Ibrahim Dehlavi arranged the funeral prayers and burial. Issue Mirza Jawan Bahkt's first child born was a stillborn son in 1859. His second child was named Jamshed Bakht. Jamshed had two sons, Bedar Bakht, died in 1980 and Sikandar Bakht, died in 1986.[citation needed] References Dalrymple, William (22 April 2007). "'The Last Mughal'". The New York Times. ISSN 0362-4331. Retrieved 5 February 2019.


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