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Gulbadan Bano Begum (c. 1523 – c. 1603

January 1, 1523
Ulugh Beg II 1507–1526



Gulbadan Bano Begum (c. 1523 – c. 1603) was a Mughal princess and the author of the book "Humayun Nama", a historical account of the life of her brother, the second Mughal emperor, Humayun. Gulbadan Bano Begum was born in Kabul, Afghanistan, and was the daughter of the Mughal emperor Babur and his wife Dildar Begum. She was the sister of Humayun and the aunt of Akbar, who was the third Mughal emperor. After her brother Humayun's death, Gulbadan Bano Begum went to live in India and served in the court of her nephew Akbar. She wrote "Humayun Nama" at the request of Akbar, who was interested in learning about his father's life and reign. "Humayun Nama" is a valuable historical source for the study of Mughal history and provides a detailed account of Humayun's life, his reign, and the political and social conditions of the time. The book also offers insights into the culture and customs of the Mughal court during the 16th century. Gulbadan Bano Begum was known for her intelligence and learning, and she was respected by her contemporaries for her knowledge and wisdom. Her book "Humayun Nama" remains an important work in the history of the Mughal Empire, and it is widely studied by scholars of South Asian history and literature.

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