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H.R.H. Shahzada Mirza Muhammad Sulaiman Shikoh Bahadur

March 4, 2024
Mohammed Al Qassim
Bahadur Shah II 1837–1857



H.R.H. Shahzada Mirza Muhammad Sulaiman Shikoh Bahadur. b. at the Red Fort, Delhi, April 1765 (s/o Qudsia Begum), educ. privately. 

Settled at Lucknow, where he received a British pension of Rs. 12,000 p.a.

m. (first) Jawahir un-nisa Begum Sahiba (d. at Lucknow, April 1816), previously styled Mumtaz Mahal.

m. (second) Nawab Ahad us-Zamani Begum Sahiba.

m. (third) Haideri Begum Sahiba (b. ca. 1813).

m. (fourth) Shahar Banu Begum Sahiba.

m. (fifth) Sahib un-nisa Begum Sahiba (b. ca. 1799).

m. (i) Imtiaz Mahal Sahiba (d. at Lucknow, 20th December 1821).

m. (ii) Nawazish Mahal Sahiba.

m. (iii) Khas Mahal Sahiba (b. ca. 1799; d.s.p. after 1862), previously styled Bibi Jan.

m. (iv) Sardar Mahal Sahiba 

m. (v) Bilqis Mahal Sahiba.

m. (vi) Liaqat Mahal Sahiba (b. ca. 1792), previously styled Raj Bai.

m. (vii) Bangla Mahal Sahiba.

m. (viii) Roshanabadi Mahal Sahiba.

m. (ix) Haiderabadi Mahal Sahiba.

m. (x) Safraz Mahal Sahiba.

m. (a) Ghulab Bai (b. ca. 1798).

m. (b) Rahmat Bai.

m. (c) Surjan Bai.

m. (d) Rup Bai.

m. (e) Mohna Bai.

m. (f) Sina Bai.

m. (g) Mehra Bai.

m. (h) Dhuna Bai.

m. (i) Indar Bai.

m. (j) Ikhlas Bai.

m. (k) Mohan Bai.

m. (l) Zan Bai.

m. (m) Musahib Bai.

m. (n) Burfan Bai.

m. (o) Ladu Bai (d.s.p. after 1857).

m. (p) Bibi Mano.

m. (q) Qamar un-nisa.

m. (r) Inayat Husain.

m. (s) Mahbub Bai.

m. (t) Mahmudabadi.

m. (u) Amiran.

m. (v) Bakhtawar.

m. (w) Daulat Qadam.

m. (x) Ishrat Fahim.

m. (y) Rahim un-nisa.

m. (z) Chamaili.

m. (aa) Zangli.

m. (ab) Amir Bakhsh.

m. (ac) Amir Bai.

m. (ad) Bibi Jan.

m. (ae) Inayat Bai (d. after 1857).

He d. at Akbarabad, Agra, 24th February 1838 (bur. Mausoleum of Emperor Akbar, Bihishtabad Sikandara, near Agra), having had issue, twelve sons and forty daughters (seventeen betrothed to Delhi princes, ca. October 1828)

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Very good information.


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