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Hubbub Softens to a Hazy Murmur as Camel Traders Prepare to bed Down at Pushkar in Rajasthan, in a scene little Changed Since Moghul times

July 5, 2023
National Geographic
Humayun II 1858-1877



    Hubbub softens to a hazy murmur as Camel Traders prepare to bed down at Pushkar in Rajasthan, in a scene little changed since Moghul times. In these pitiless sands Humuyun was humilited in 1542 while Seeking and from a Rajput prince. Rebuffed,


    Humayun retreated. After his animals perished, the Moghul gave his pregnant wife his horse, then took a shamefully unroyal mount-a camel.


    The year 1542 found the itinerants in the Indian Desert in torrid summer, pursued by local chieftains. My thermometers showed 105  the day I got to the vicinity of this odyssey of misery. South of Jaisalmer , which still wears the medieval look of a fortified town, dwell people who must be among In dia's most tenacious. The women fascinated me. Slender and wiry, with flashing teeth, bangled from wrist to bicep, they counter pointed the bleak sandscape in fabrics dyed vermilion and orange. I glimpsed them filling jugs at wells. "Our women". said an old man, "spend half their lives going for water."Water. Humayun's band crossed the desert in desperate thirst. Finding wells, people flung themselves at the buckets, breaking ropes, falling in.
      Humayun's teenage wife, Hamida, was pregnant and she hungered for - a pomegranate. Humayun surely thought it a good women when a trader fished one from a sack. When they reached Umarkot , in today's Pakistan,
Hamida delivered a son - Akbar.



This is stated on 'National Geographic The 1980s' .May 1983-August 1986 of this CD-ROM.



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