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Mirza Aziz Koka Khan-i A'zam (c. 1542-1624), a foster brother of Akbar

December 31, 1581
Akbar 1556–1605

Foster Brother of Akbar - Mughal Library



Subahdar Mirza Aziz Koka Khan-e-Azam in Bengal Subah . 1582–1583 میرزا عزیز کوکہ،خان اعظم Mirza Aziz Koka Khan-i Azam (c. 1542-1624) One of his daughters married Akbar's son Prince Murad and another married Prince Khusrau, the eldest son of Prince Salim (Jahangir). He lost his standing at court when he supported Khusrau's rebellion against Jahangir but was restored to his rank in 1608. He was renowned as an intellectual and in later life was appointed tutor to Prince Dawar Bakhsh. In this portrait, apart from a pink and gold embroidered turban and orange shoes, he is plainly clothed in white muslin and leans against a thin staff. Verse by Jami همسايه و همنشين و همره همه اوست / در دلق گدا و اطلس و شه همه اوست در انجمن فرق و نهانخانهء جمع / بالله همه اوست ثم بالله همه اوست Mirzā `Azīz Kokah (Persian: میرزا عزیز کوکه‎

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Ismail Mazari

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Very good information.


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