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India at the beginning of British East India Control, 1750 During Mughal Emperor Alamgir II 1754–1759

Mirza Firuz Shah
Alamgir II 1754–1759
Stacked Wooden Logs


A map of the Indian subcontinent around 1750, prior to the beginnings of British control under the East India Company. The map shows the region south of the Ganges that was subject to Mahratta (Maratha Empire) tribute, the Mogul Empire to the north of the Ganges, the French spheres of influence in Carnatic and Nizam (Hyderabad), and the French and British settlements at the time. The map shows the location of Plassey, where the British East India Company, under Robert Clive, won a significant battle against the Nawab of Bengal, leading to the eventual formation of British India.

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Ismail Mazari

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Very good information.

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Shah Sharaf Barlas

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If possible anyone have shijra family tree of Mughal Barlas traib of Attock Pakistan please share with me.


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