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Map of Mediterranean and Black Sea

Mirza Firuz Shah
Shah Jahan 1627–1658
Stacked Wooden Logs


Mediterranean and Black Sea Map: Besides the Mediterranean and the Black Sea, Memalik-i Anadolu, Rumelia, Egypt in North Africa, Barka, Tripoli, Libya, Telemsar, Morocco, Marrakech, Andalusia, Valencia, Genoa, Venice in Europe Countries with a coast on the Mediterranean, such as France, Spain, Italy and Sicily, are indicated. On the map without latitude and longitude lines, directions are provided by a projection center placed in the Sahara region. Although there are no latitude and longitude lines, it has been scaled and turned into a math-based map. Three types of scales were used on the map, respectively 'miil-i Islamîyan', 'miil-i Françe' and 'miil-i Italy'. Each mile is calculated as five degrees.

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Ismail Mazari

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Very good information.

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Shah Sharaf Barlas

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If possible anyone have shijra family tree of Mughal Barlas traib of Attock Pakistan please share with me.


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