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Tabula nova utriusque India (During Mughal Empire Ulugh Beg II Era)

Ulugh Beg II 1507–1526
Stacked Wooden Logs


Tabula nova utriusque Indiae," from Claudius Ptolemy, 'Geographicae Enarrationis' by Lorenz Fries (Vienna: Gaspar Trechsel, 1541). This is the 4th edition of an (unchanged) map first published in 1522. Fries' map follows Waldseemuller's first modern map of Asia (1513), but adds an array of vignettes purporting to depict the cultures of the region.

the 1541 edition of Fries' map of India and Southeast Asia, focusing on Southeast Asia, India, and Sri Lanka and the Indian Ocean.

Fries' map is a reduced size version of Waldeseemuller's 1513 map, the earliest modern map to focus on the region. All prior maps of the region were prepared based upon the work of Claudius Ptolemy.

Based largely upon the Ruysch world map of 1507, Sri Lanka and the Indian subcontinent are relatively correct in their sizes. This map is among the earliest documents recording the Portuguese explorations into the Indian Ocean, and is of primary importance in the mapping of the India and Southeast Asia.

Various decorative embellishments are shown within the map, showing indigenous peoples and customs. Extends from Saudi Arabia to the Malay Peninsula, centered on India.

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