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Farman by Ya'qub Bayg Aq Quyunlu (0884/1479)

Referring to farmans by Timur, Shahrukh and Jahanshah, the recipients of the farman, the Sayyids Nizam al-Din Sultan Ahmad and Kamal al-Din 'Ata'ullah, are acknowledged and confirmed in being nuqaba' al-sadat for Qum, mutavallis of the Sanctuary of Sitti Fatimah at Qum and of the mausoleum of Sultan 'Ali at Ardihal and of being heads, preachers and mutavallis of the mosque of Imam Hasan 'Askari at Qum. Furthermore, other priviledges, tax exemptions etc. granted by former rulers are reaffirmed.


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Farman by Ya'qub Bayg Aq Quyunlu (0884/1479)

  • 15 Ramazan 884

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