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The Sikandar Nama e Bara

This is an English translation in prose, of the work The Sikandar Nama, E Bara (the Book of Alexander the Great, relating to his adventures as a conqueror by Land) authored by Shaikh Nizami of Ganja, in Persian verses. The Sikandar Nama consists of two distinct parts - the Sikanar Nama, e bara, and the Sikandar Nama, e babri. The latter part is relating to the Adventures of Alexander the Great as a Sage and a Prophet, by Sea.

The present work is the translation of the first part mentioned above, consisting of 72 cantos, totaling to 6866 couplets of Persian verses. The work covers from the birth of Sikandar, his conquests of Zang, Dara, Ajam, Kayan, Arabia, Burda, Ray Khurasan, Hindustan, Chin, Russia, etc., and the Sikandar`s Search for water of life.

The Sikandar Nama e Bara

  • Subclass: Philology. Linguistics

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