Royal Mughals is non-political (exercising or seeking power in the governmental or public affairs of a state, municipality, etc.) Our Platform is educational and family based information about the Timured in general and more specific on the branch of the Mughals in Hindustan. Also known as the Mughal’s.


       Most information is provided by the family and descendants of His Majesty Emperor, Abu Al Ghazi, Humayun Shah II, Saif ud-din Mohammed, Firuz Shah Bahadur Gorgani. The free Emperor of Hindustan who led the uprising against the East India Company and the British rule (1857-1877). He Ascended on Sultanship on 11th August 1857 in Mandsaur fort, with the orders of H.M. Abu’l-Muzaffar Siraj ud-din Mohammed Bahadur Shah II Padshah Ghazi, Emperor of Hindustan. And After the fall of Delhi in October 1857, he was declared as the Emperor. Which is clearly evident during his many Proclamations. Such as the Bareilly Proclamation printed on 25 February 1858. Where his instructions were followed by many prominent leaders of the uprising such as and not limited to, H.H., Peshwa Nana Sahib, Rani of Jhansi, H.H., Nawab Birjis Qadr, Mirza Muhammad Ramzan 'Ali Bahadur of Awadh & H.H. Nawab Khan Bahadur Khan Rohilla of Bareilly.


      Royal Mughals platforms have collected extensive Archive and E-Book for the members to benefit in knowledge and education in relation to the Mughal family and its rich history over the years.


      Though the term and word Mughal, is a general word, which can be used by anyone, please know that the name, Royal Mughals is a trademarked name (with all the legal documents) and is not to be used for any other than for the permitted purposes.

The illegal usage of this name by any other means will be liable for a legal action. Please go through the detailed terms and conditions pertaining to this platform.


      Royal Mughals Genealogy is family information pertaining to individual families living all over the world to educate the future generation about their ancestors. We have provided data for the members on this Platform to benefit from factual information about the Mughal Family to enhance their knowledge about their lineage.

Usage of this name for any other means can be liable for a legal action


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