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Farman by Abu al-Ghazi 'Ubaydullah Bahadur Khan (919/1513)
Report about the siege of Harat: Muhammad Timur Khan, his brother Fulad Sultan, the umara' and the nawkaran have left the city and went to Samarqand. Baranjin Muhammad Sultan and Jurji Bahadur were ordered to march with 5000 men via Marv to Nisa to put down Rahmanquli 'Arab and other rebels. After that, they are to head to Mashhad. Abu al-Ghazi himself intends to move towards Khurasan to reward the inhabitants of Harat with offices, various gifts and tax exemptions.

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Farman by Abu al-Ghazi 'Ubaydullah Bahadur Khan (919/1513)

  • 5 Jumada I 919

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