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Memoirs Of Zehir-ed-din Muhammed Babur Vol-ii

Excerpt from Memoirs of Zehir-Ed-Din Muhammed Babur, Emperor of Hindustan, Vol. 1 of 2: Written by Himself, in the Chaghatai Turki

Hence his Memoirs are no rough soldier's diary, full of marches and counter-marches they contain the personal impressions and acute reflections of a cultivated man of the world, well read in Eastern literature, a close and curious observer, quick in perception, a discerning judge of persons, and a devoted lover of nature. The utter frankness of self-revelation, the unconscious portraiture of all his virtues and follies his obvious truthfulness and fine sense of honour give the Memoirs an authority which is equal to their charm.'

Memoirs Of Zehir-ed-din Muhammed Babur Vol-ii

  • Subclass: Genealogy

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