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The Seir Mutaqherin Vol 2

Excerpt from A Translation of the Sëir Mutaqherin, Vol. 2: Or, Review of Modern Times; Being an History of India, From the Year 1118 to the 1194, of the Hedjrab, Containing, in General, the Reigns of the Seven Last Emperors of Hindostan, and in Particular, Account of the English Wars in Bengal
Dissensions all over Bengal - Azim-aoad twice attached oy the Imperial Prince, Aaly-goher, now Shah-aalem - Detestable character of 60th Mir-diaafer-qhan and his son - He is de throned by his son-in-law, Mir-cassem-qhan, who after a short reign.) is expelled oy the English, who re-establish the old Prince - Conspiracies War with Shndia-ed-do'ulah, Sovereign

The Seir Mutaqherin Vol 2

  • Subclass: History of Civilization

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