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The Seir Mutaqherin Vol 3

Excerpt from A Translation of the Sëir Mutaqherin, Vol. 3: Or Review of Modern Times: Being an History of India, From the Year 1118 to the Year 1194, of the Hedjrah, Containing, in General, the Reigns of the Seven Last Emperors of Hindostan, and in Particular, an Account of the English Wars in Bengal
Arrival of Lord Clive in India - Peace - The English deeply connected with the Court of Delhi, now residing at Shahabad - Death of Mir-djaafer, who is successively succeeded by his three sons-strange portrait of M uharec-ed-do'wlah, the survivor of them, and some account of his person, mother, family, and genius - Odious character of his Deputy, Mahmed reza-qhan - T he English tahe direct possession of the three Provinces in their own name, and only assign a pension to the surviving Prince of M ir-dfaafer-qhan 's family - Severe strie tures on the English Government - Twelve causes assigned to the ruinous condition of these Countries.

The Seir Mutaqherin Vol 3

  • Subclass: History of Civilization

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