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Report of Captain Rome of His Proceedings Information From 21st to 30th November,1859 Firuz Shah (Karim Us-Shuja)

Report of Captain Rome of His Proceedings Information From 21st to 30th November,1859 Firuz Shah (Karim Us-Shuja)

Secret Papers


March 14, 2023 at 5:32:07 AM

National Archives of India


Forwards report of his proceedings form 21st to 30th November, 1859, gives information regarding Feroze Shah, Adil Mohamed, Dungal Sing and Amanut Khan etc.

J688+6WC, Janpath Rd, Opp.Indira Gandhi National Centre of Arts, Delhi

Central India Agency

December 1, 1859

Indore Letter Receipts


November 29, 1859 at 8:18:48 PM

Mohammad Q, Binghalib


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Weekly Report from 21 st to 30th November 1859

From, Captain F Rome

           Our Special Duty 

            Baroda and Bhile Duty 


To , 
       The  Governer general Gwalior District
                                Camp Garripore
                                        1st Dec 1859

     I try to Forward for general sir, R Napier information the following report of the proceeding during the last week.

21st Nov     First From camp Baroda an but post strength as per __ to  Frouda. I gave orders to the ___com---- the cavalry portion of it to truth a patrol daily to ___their of the following places,__. ___




Small bodies of  Rebels recappingrom their party I attached a couple of spics ____ ___the village patrlls in the neighborhood (all of whom shows honor's to our interest) to afford there every information.

22nd November - I ordered the offices commanding at Bhilia to bind out a similar respect to the Abra's to __ with order of patrol to dowkera, govuepoore,gooudeepoorie  ___ bairoopass.the instruction pass to the officer __ this post were similar in every these three ---- to the officer at Baroda.

23rd Nov -  ___of any spics returned these day he reports that he need two others tracked firuz shah to a house in seronje that at night when they entered it they formed he had just left. Having taken fight at the arrest by the Depore. Authorities of some rebel in a ____ house,he had made his escape to ____ as to ------ behind the ----- of clothes he usually more, there  the spy  brought with heir.they were of a ------ colour.He also reported that ----- and




Had tracked Adil Mohamed to the neighborhood of Mohammad gar Bassoda where he had lost all ------ of __ and where he is confident hid by the nawab as he and two other rebel spees. ______ with all the adjacent hiding places__ two where -----  __his departure from that place.they left two ___ relatives of one of the species ,who have the __ to the nawabs


















last page:   

Declares up during the last week.
I have the honor to be 
Your most ___
Fredsooree Captain
Our special duty Baroda-------
















R- 22



Informs that the --------- of the telegram ------------in 1594 15th---------- has been ------   ----------------- to Feroze shah








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