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  • Can I download books for free?
    You can view within books and find a variety of books. But when you find a book that's still under copyright, you'll typically see only a small portion of the book at a time – plus links to places where you can buy or borrow it. Some publishers have set their in-copyright books to Full Book View. If you find a book that's out of copyright, we will be displaying Full Book.
  • Does Mughals Library give authors and publishers a choice whether or not their books appear on the platform?
    Any publisher or other copyright holder can easily exclude their titles from Mughals Library at any time, for any reason. We've posted the details on how to do that here and have a support team standing by to help anyone who has trouble doing it on their own. It's worth bearing in mind, however, that under no circumstances will anyone ever see a full page of an in-copyright book through Mughals Library without the copyright holder's permission; when a book is under copyright, we show only snippets of text surrounding the search term unless the copyright holder has given us explicit permission to show more.
  • Do booksellers like Mughals Library pay to include links on our website?
    We provide links to booksellers such as Mughals Library on our Website as an Associate member of Mughals Library. We affiliate links to their pages because we want to make it easier for users to buy books and for publishers to sell them. Booksellers don't pay to have their links included. We just want to provide users an option to buy the book if they are interested.
  • If a book is still under copyright, is scanning it actually legal?"
    Our Platform is fair and fully consistent with the law. Copyright law is aimed at protecting and enhancing the value of creative works in order to encourage more of them–in this case, to ensure that authors write and publishers publish. We believe that by creating new opportunities for readers to find and buy books, we can help authors and publishers sell more of them.
  • I hold the copyright for a document or book I found in the Mughal library. I'd like to make it available to everyone. Is that possible?
    Yes, we are more than happy to avail a resource for free for the members. Please contact us for the same.
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