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Regarding Mughal Imperial Family after the Death of Crown Prince Mirza Dara Bakhth.

Regarding Mughal Imperial Family after the Death of Crown Prince Mirza Dara Bakhth.

Secret Papers


March 16, 2023 at 1:05:03 PM

The National Archives of India

Minute by the Right Honorable the Governor General of India

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February 10th,1849





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June 7, 2022 at 8:00:00 PM


Mohammed Q, Binghalib

Timurid (Persian/Turkish/Arabic)

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The Translation and Comment


Mohammed Q, Binghalib:

of Original Document:

Minute by The Right Honorable the Governor of General


Dynasty of the House of Timur


Some months ago the Lieutenant governor of the province and the Apart to the government at Delhi, brought under my consideration questions of much importance relative to the perception to the throne of delhi and the course which was to the pursued by the agent to the government on the death either of the king of the heir apparent - events which grow the age of the onearrse the information of that might take place of at any time.The questions were delicate of important of therefore postponed any decision until it should have had and approximately of considering with the. Lieutenant governor and with the Theophilus metcalfe regarding them.


I have an appointment of going so my way to the formative. I was about to address the council of director for the purpose of the studying to them regarding the policy which it would the right to adopt in the various levels which might occur .where despatch arrived

announcing that prince Dara Bakht the recognized Heir apparent has after a few days illness died in the city of Delhi.


This event greatly simplifies the questions which were have before me and facilitates for the introduction of those changes which it appears to me to be wise and politic to make.

During the region of the present king of Delhi. I would still advise that any alteration should be communicated. He may be left in his pronominal throne of his income and of all the honor of sovereignty which he enjoys.


He is now a very old man, however and wherever the time of his disease arrives.that should be in my judgment the date of should change in the position of the heir of the house of taimour.


In concurrence with the honorable court and participating in the sentiments which have been declared and acted upon my predecessor successively. I consider it to the not for by mandatory but impolitic in these later haves, to maintain the King of Delhi in the conditions of sovereignty in which we forced him gradually for many years from the occupation of various furfitives has been refused. The original term of address have been resisted.the frustration of nazzar by high British officer has been deemed.he has been prohibited from recurring nazzar from other princess.while they have on their fort been prohibited from professing anyAny vassalage to him.


Every attribute of sovereignty has infact has been taken away from him.excepting the title of the king and the peculiar jurisdiction within the palace of delhi.which has produced that condition of the Royal family.which the honorable govt has through consideration which has let to evils,princess and crimes that demand imperative interference and reform.

She heir apparent lately diseased was the last of the wise,to whom ever as a matter of was really incumbent inform us to shew any longer the consideration due to follow sovereignty.he was the last of the family,who has been born in the who And could recollect the time,when the king of Delhi shine that on the throne was recognized as the prominent potentate in India.


The next brother of prince Dara Bakht by name fakru-ud-deen,who is now the natural successor is not more than 30 years old.he was born therefore long after his family ceases to nazzar and not within his sovereignty had been for many years mere patent.

We are bound by no treaty agreement of any kind to consider any thing, whether of follower title or recognition to the family of Taimour.


There is no longer any reason of policy for maintaining the dynasty even in name.the princess of India and the people whatever they once where are now entirely informant about the condition of the king.This position and I have been informed that even the mative chefs has caused to given him in the title of Badusha when attendance to him.

On the other hand that are many strong reasons for our closing.the existence of the dynasty of Taimour.


The British government has become indeed and in the truth the permanent sovereign in India.

His not experiment that there should be even in name a minal in the person of a sovereign whose accetors Once held the presimatly we now peoples his existence could never really be in dangerous. I admit although the__of which he might and not frequently has been made the nucleus might in comrade but this fitting that we should afert our power and our right to the rule and that we should appear before India to be all futurity being prominent in name also as we are authority and right.


This step is proper and expedient in itself,and would much facilitate the arrangement in which will be necessary for removing the Sallateen from the palace and alomination which all testimony proves are carried and within it privileges reclosure.


I would therefore decline to recognize prince fakhr-ud -deen as heir-apparent, an act which the King can be objected to because there are interprets a theory extracting against them, the oldest theory and deformation of us to the succession.


On the death of the King he would propose that the dynasty should cease, that the title of King should go into obedience and that the chief of the house of taimur.should be simply styles prince. We should have a small guard to salute like dominant princes.but not a royal one. He should be required and if necessary compelled to leave the palace at Delhi with the sallateen the house of the family to avoid in the Royal palace at the koothube and the sallateen in the city or elsewhere as they please.


I do not propose as an immediate measure to reduce the magnificent income.allowance that this should be looked at prospectively.but I think a new distribution of it should take place.

This my earnest hope that the honorable court is considering this subject will not give matter insight to the feelings of conformations which the expectation of the fallow dynasty must always inspire I just that they will not thereby he has to forget the more important interests of their own govt but that having regard to the necessity of the wisdom of constitute the forward of the british govt of ---which may exist under the rule of maintaining safety their military strength and of lavishly alienating in people amenity life position -of their remarkable of which matters are involved in the maintenance of this mock sovereignty on which it was arrives.the honorable court will sanction from the death of the present king of delhi the changes which i now have the honor of earnestly commanding to their consideration and approval.


I beg Mr..Eilat to lie so good as to prepare a letter to the court surrounding fully to the proposals above states having before the fourth may views with which he is will acquainted.

By Dalhousie Secretary

True Copy


Governor General of the Govt of India,



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