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Statement of Mohammed Shah (Mirza Karim Us-Shujah) in Patan (Gujarat in India) After his Capture.

Statement of Mohammed Shah (Mirza Karim Us-Shujah) in Patan (Gujarat in India) After his Capture.

Secret Papers


March 16, 2023 at 12:29:11 PM

National Archives of India

Statement of Mohammed Shah (Mirza Karim Us-Shujah) in Patan (Gujarat in India) After his Capture.

Palanpur (Gujarat in India)

Foriegn Department

December 31, 1862

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June 14, 2022 at 8:00:00 PM

Timurid (Persian/Turkish/Arabic)

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The Translation and Comment


Mohammed Q, Binghalib:

 of Original Document:





Major Arthur

Political superitentent





Brigadier William L B

Commanding F.B



I have the honor to inform you of the information received from Lance Taique Shack Moojoo (Taki Sheikh Muju) of the 6th Regiment N. D. a person has been apprehended at Patan (town in Gujarat) on suspicion of his being feroz Shah (Firuz Shah) one of the sons of the late King of Delhi, who was in rebellion against the British Government . I have to request that he be kept in safe custody under a European guard, pending instructions from the government. This man has been sent in charge of a Cavalry guard

Patan, 31st

December 1862


I have the honor to be

/Signed E.F Arthur

Political Superient.

/True copy/

/Signed E.T ArthurPoll.Superintendent



Delhi Verification Documents of Mohammed Shah (Mirza Karim Us-Shujah) Page No 3.


Statement of Mohammed Shah Waliud (Son of) Dara Bakht Wali al-Ahd (Heir-Apparent) of Bahadur Shah the late (ex-King of the Delhi), aged almost 45 years. Cast Sultan or Peer Saheb, inhabitant of Delhi. But residents of Patan (Town in Gujarat, India) for the last 8 months have stated as follows before Mr Tonmick, Assistant resident of Baroda and Major Arthar Political Superintendent of Palanpur (City and a municipality of Banaskantha district in the Indian state of Gujarat).


         I came to Patan 8 months ago to make a pilgrimage to the Tomb of Makhdum Shah (Hazarat Makhdum Shah Hussamuddin Dargah Sharif). I alighted at the Serai (Hotel) near the Masjid,where I became sick. Many travelers came there on which account I asked a Mussulman named Mohammed (I do not know his caste) for God’s sake to procure for me another habitation where I might take medicine. I had no means of paying for private lodging. He provided one in the Salara Mohallathis is the very place where I was apprehended this morning. I remained there and took medicine and got well in ten or twenty days, though.


          I am not yet quite strong. I took medicine which was given to me but I do not know the donons. I also myself understand the art of medicine and giving Charms for which the recipients paid me, and by which means I obtained my livelihood of five Rupees of the money thus obtained and still in my possession. I have nothing to do with the rebellion at Delhi.


Comments & Remarks On His Answers

Probably wishes to review his acquaint against a need in patan


Question by interviewer


Question N0 (1):

When did you come from Delhi?


      Ten months ago. It has been two months since I arrived in Patan. The remaining Eight I have resided therein. I lived in Delhi in the Dargah of Khwaja Sahib, Sultan Nijamuddin and Shah Inurdah before the rebellion. I was one of the King’s household and received a 200 Rupees mensem (per month) from the British Government on which I lived. This was stopped at the time of the rebellion . Eighteen or twenty years ago my father who was Heir-Apparent to the late Ex-King of Delhi died on which occasion The Ex-King innulling my rights of Heirship and adopted Fakrudeen, his son by another wife (Not same mother of Dara Bakht). The 200 Rupees per mensen which I received was by Thomas (Sir Thomas Metcalfe) and then by Simon Fraser(Political Agent in Delhi) . I was sick in the Dargah of Nizamudeen, where rebellion broke out. I have a wife and four sons. I left them in Nizamudeen’s Dargah on leaving Delhi. Since then I have heard nothing about them. My servant goes every month to the Sahib at Delhi and gets eight or rupees on which my family survives.

       I came here having heard a good deal of Peram Patan and the peer at the village of Konawa ( Rani Ki Vav is a stepwell situated in the town of Patan in Gujarat state of India) near Patan. I now wish to return to Delhi. I remained so long on account of ill health.


Comments & Remarks On His Answers

This leads to the … opposition that of persons of importance


Question No (2):

What is this while looking at a substance which was formed on your person


     This arsenic was purchased to make up and medicine for two pieces by a shopkeeper in Patan the day before yesterday. I do not know the man you're at home. I purchased the two writings, one of which is one English paper, are in my home writing being a verse from the Quran which I repeat reciting the Prophet’s Protection. The other is a reply from a resident at the Pali whom I cured of a disease. I haven't had the paper read to me yet.


Comments & Remarks On His Answers

Inquiry for these people at my in Dargah at Nizamuddin Dargah at Delhi


Question No (3):

Who can prove that you were not mixed up in the rebellion at Delhi?


Mirza Ilahee Bakhsh at Delhi knows, he is well known there.


Question No (4):

How many men accompanied you from Delhi?


One named Kareem Buksh. He left me in the Marwar territory.


Question No (5):

What has become of the four persons who lived with you at Patan?


I was sick when they left me ten or twelve days ago. Their names were Khuriatre Khan, Ilahee Bakhsh, Huss. I do not know the other man’s name. He was a resident of Panipat (Panipat is a historic city in Haryana, India) near Delhi. All these people joined me at Pali (a city in central Rajasthan state in northwestern India) . I took them with me for fear of being robbed in the Jungle. I lived in the Masjid at Dusa (a city and administrative headquarters of Deesa (a city and a municipality in the Banaskantha district in the state of Gujarat, India) for four or five days.

         They came with me to Patan and went off to Radhanpur (Radhanpur is a town and a municipality in Patan district in the Indian state of Gujarat) or elsewhere to beg.


Comments & Remarks On His Answers

This is false, it is written by a resident of palanpur and is to the effect that one Mohammedhad delivered a letter and that .. was going to Patan


Question (6):

When you were in the Masjid at Patan did you see an old Delhi Syeds ?




Question No (7):

You say that you were poverty stricken and had no means whatsoever; in what way did you induce these four men to escort you through the Jungles?


They joined me on account of the jungle.

Question No (8):

Of what trade were there four persons?


weavers, but finding no employment at Patan they went away.

Question No (9):

What made you undertake such a long journey?


Only to make a pilgrimage to the tomb of the Mukhdoom Ilahih. I bought sixty or seventy Rupees with me which I spent on the road after which I gained my substances by the sale of charms xx. I had a tattoo which allied in Patan.


Question No (10):

Where did you stop on the road from Delhi?


I went to Ghazipur and put up in the Sarahi there; then on to Ajmere where I remained in the Serahi for three days and made a pilgrimage to the love of the Khwaja Sahib. The Khadum asked me who I was. I told him I belonged to the family of the Sultans of Delhi. I went there on the Pali and put up in the Musjid. I do not know the names of any of the places Between Plai and Patan. In every place I maintained strict secrecy, no one asked my name or audition and I volunteered the information to no one. The Dargah of Mukhdoom Sahib was the spiritual adviser of Sultan Nizamudeen. I therefore came to visit his tomb.

       I traveled by day and halted at might and therefore no one knew my thing about me.My name is Mohammed Shah urf aboomean (nickname Abu Al- Moin) . I never told anyone in Patan that I was of royal lineage.

Question No (11):

Has anyone in Patan or its various enmity against you?



Question No (12):

How many people of royal lineage to which lay claim remain now in Delhi?


My half brother Mohammed Gulrez, another half brother by a different mother, who is called Kalae urf (full name Mirza Muhammad Adu Afghan Bakht Bahadur [Mirza Kale Sahib]). Dadoo Ahmed Bakht and my sister husband Inaeutt Mushroff, they all reside in Nizamuddin Dargah Kale residing at Panipat.

Question No (13):

Where were you when the British farees appeared before Delhi?


I resided in Nizamudeen’s Dargah.

Signed by

Mohammed Shah Walid.Son of  Dara Bakht

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