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Copy Of a Letter A 63 Of The 23 March 1868 Delhi Division

Copy Of a Letter A 63 Of The 23 March 1868 Delhi Division

Secret Papers


May 17, 2023 at 6:47:27 AM

National Archives of India,Delhi

Copy Of a Letter A 63 Of The 23 March 1868 Delhi Division


March 23,1868

September 17, 2022 at 8:00:00 PM


Mohammad Q,Binghalib


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From ,  Major Arthur,

                Political Superintendent in  Palanpur. (Town in Gujarat India) 


To,  Brigadier William L B 

          Commanding F.B  Dessa  (Town in Gujarat India)


 I have the honor to inform you of the information received from  Lance Taique Shack Moojoo (Taki Sheikh Muju) of the 6th Regiment N. D. a person has been apprehended at Patan (town in Gujarat) on suspicion of his being fheroz shah (Firuz Shah) one of the sons of the late King of Delhi, who was in rebellion against the British Government . I have to request that he be kept in safe custody under a European guard, pending instructions from the government. This man has been sent in charge of a Cavalry guard


Patan, 31st

December 1862


                       I have the honor to be 

                       /Signed E.F Arthur

                       Political  Superient.


/True copy/

/Signed E.T Arthur




Major E.P Arthur, Political. Superintendent. Palanpur. (Town in Gujarat India)



      Henry  Lacon Anderson, Chief Secretary to the Government of Bombay.

                                                         Dated 2nd January 1863.


I have the honor  to acquaint you with the information of His Excellency the Governor in council, that I proceed to Patan on an invitation from His Highness the Gaikwad to meet him on the night of the 30. Attime a man named Shaikh mojoo Lance Naik of the 6th Regiment Bombay Native Infantry came to me. Feredrick assistant to the resident of  Baroda; in attendance on His Highness; the Gaikwad, and told him that he had overstaid his leave as a few months ago he became acquainted with the fact that one Firuz Shah a son of the Late Ex-King of Delhi,who was in rebellion against the British government from his corps, having been duly communicated to and reported. by the Patan authorities appeared tolerably satisfactory evidence that his subsequent prolonged absence arose from a desire to perform an act of signal legally to the Government, and which he has carried to a successful issue with creditable destiny and address. 


  This informer will be placed at the disposal of the Brigade authorities at Deesa, as his testimony will have to be given before the tribunal which  may be charged with investigation of this important matter.


            The greatest caution was observed by associating within the Kamadar (local Government head officer) of Patn in the capture of this person to avoid  any risk of giving offense to His Highness the Gaikwad within whose territories. This person captured a reward that has been offered and who has sought safety from sutributive justice in a  life of obscurity assuming garb of a medicant, thing the out a precarious subsistence by practicing  as a Doctor dealing in drugs  and charmes, and distributing written portions.

          From which are gladly purchased, by the superstitions, alike efficacious for the cure of bodily and mental ailments. I would beg to submit the  most ready memos. That occurred to me for  clearing up the mystery attached to this person by  forwarding him under escort to Delhi where there will probably be no difficulty in  his identification.


      The fact of the Lance Naick producing à property furlough pass, and the statement made by him of his illness and conséquent absence from out the person from whom he says he purchased the drug at Patan.


    It will be observed from the translation of this. person's statement, herewith enclosed, that he declares himself. to be Mohommed Shah    son of Dara Bakt the Heir-apparent of a Bahadur Shah the late Ex-King of Delhi. His whole account. of himself which was given  with reluctance and prevarication wears an aspect of extreme. improbability, for his statement of having come so many hundred. miles without the successes of making a motive offering to the shrine of the Makhdom Sahib in Patan, appears utterly insane and must be viewed with great suspicion.


    I Am  respectful of the opinion that this person is not. Firuz  Shah, he certainly is ruanissary from scattered members of the late Court of Delhi or indeed may be  one of the wretched fugitives  for whose capture Government had come to Patan. He stated that it was known amongst the Muslmans of patan  that this person was indeed the said  Firuz Shah.

                        After consultation we determined to apprehend this person for  which purpose we proceeded  together to the place where  the supposed prince had taken up  his residence, captured him without difficulty, whilst in the enjoyment of mid day  sista and  the man has been forwarded in under in escort kindly furnished by His Excellency the Commander in chief, with a letter (copy of which is inclosed) to the Brigadier at Deesa with a request that he may be kept in safe custody pending the instructions of government.


      On the supposed Firuz Shah. a person being searched for a piece of arsenic was found which he said he had purchased. with the intention of using it for medicinal purposes. He declared himself to be unable to point out that the person had sought concealment, any formal application for his surrender would have gained immediate publicity, and would have probably ended in a furtile search. The greatest secrecy was observed, as we went in Country carts, alighted, affected  the capture,  placed the prisoner in one of the carts,and  returned by another route without more than two or  three chances of the passenger knowing anything about the matter.


 I earnestly hope that His  Excellency the Governor in Council may be pleased to accord his approval of the measures taken by Mr. Fenwick and myself, in the conduct of a delicate business which appeared to us to require prompt action.



                    I have the honor to.

                   Sign / E.P Arthur

                    Political Superintendent Palanpur Agency Office

                    2 January 1863


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