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Deposition of Mirza Ilahi Bakhsh and Subsequent Release of Firuz Shah (Karim Us-Shujah).

Deposition of Mirza Ilahi Bakhsh and Subsequent Release of Firuz Shah (Karim Us-Shujah).

Secret Papers


March 16, 2023 at 12:59:39 PM

National archives of India

Copy of a letter to 63/117 of the 23 march 1863

The National Archives of India is located at the intersection of Rajpath and Janpath Road


March 23, 1863






July 11, 2022 at 8:00:00 PM


Mohammed Q,Binghalib

Timurid (Persian/Turkish/Arabic)

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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Page No: 1            

                                          Copy of a letter to 63/117 of the 23 march 1863


Deputy commissioner Delhi to commissioner Delhi Division.

No 93 2/117 march 1863 from underly to govt of India to commissioner25 north ends

1.I have the honer to return the photograph enclosed with the correspondence noted in the margin with my reply.


2— Mirza Ilahee Baksh was shown the photograph no name was mentioned to him and he recogni them at once as portraits of Mohamed Kareemu Shoojah alias Mirza aboo son of Darabakht by Fathima Begum daughter of Mirza Mansor Bakht son of the Emperor Shah alam.


3rd — The Mirza further dated the age of the individual to be about 50 years.


4th — As Mirza at once identified the porter and as it would be seen that his statement that with certain variation with that made by the individual himself I apprehend that no fari deposition are required.


5th— I would add that subsequent to the clo of the preceding I asked whether there are any Benefit to Firoze Shah in the portrait are the Mirza informed me there was not a sha of resemblance,the age of feroze Shah being moreover but 25 years.


  I have too

Frederic cooper

By commentee


                                                                                                      ( True copy )

                                                                                                              C.H Bich —------





                                                                                                                                                                  Page No: 2                                                                                               





                                                                 Deposition Mirza Ilahee Bakhsh


The photograph like us shown to and fully require as that of Mirza Muhamed Kareem shoojah alia Mirza aboo the son of the late Mirza Dara Bakhsh. This name of the mughals mother Fathima Sultan Begum the daughter of Mirza Mansoor Bakhsh and the grand daughter of the late King Shah Alam.The receives a stipend of Rs 10/ per mensem for her maintenance from the British Govt.The Mirza name is suture in the list of rebels and his resources before the hunting used to for at times in the fort and the city attunity was in no way implicated in the rebellion . He left the city on the abandonment and of the living for tours tune at nizams orden of the Kutub on approved.


The deponent is misinformed as the inclusion. The captured man’s name in the list of rebel’s- it is out secluded in a list of those was received pay from the British from there is to remain in the prison.

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