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Proclamation of Bareilly Issued By Mirza Firuz Shah (Karim us Shuja)

Proclamation of Bareilly Issued By Mirza Firuz Shah (Karim us Shuja)

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March 15, 2023 at 5:32:56 AM


Proclamation of Bareilly Issued By Mirza Firuz Shah (Karim us Shuja)



February 18, 1858






September 17, 2022 at 8:00:00 PM


Mohammed Q, Binghalib


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Translation of a copy of a Proclamation issued by Firuz Shah (Karim us Shuja), Ex-King of Delhi, at Bareilly, on the 18th Februmy 1858.


Be it known to all Hindoos and Mussulmans of Hindoostan, that power and dominion are one of the greatest blessings of Providence and that this blessing cannot long be enjoyed by a deceitful tyrant.


For some years past these wicked Christian Kafirs commenced tyrannising over India, intending to cause the spread of Christianity by violence, and to do away with the religion of Hindoos and Mussulmans, but it pleased God to turn the minds of the people against them, so much so, that all of a sudden they became intent upon destroying them; and of a truth they are very nearly annihilated, but owing to the loss of power and dignity, they have collected themselves here and there, in wretched plight, and are making useless efforts to regain their power. Please God in a short time they will be so annihilated as not to leave a single trace behind them.


Let it be known to all Hindoos and Mussulmans of India, that owing to the circumstances mentioned above, there exists the bitterest enmity between the natives and the English; and if after all that has past (passed), the latter regain their former power in India, it is certain that they will destroy the religion, honor, life, and property of every one. I therefore give a short account of the resolutions passed with the joint concurrence of the Judicial Council, the Supreme Court, and the Parliaments in hope that our Indian brethren, becoming aware of their evil intentions, will join together in extirpating them.


When the army mutinied for the sake of their religion and tilled without mercy these Kafirs with their swords, then with regard to the cause of the mutiny, and the loss of life, their Priests and Sages came to the following resolution, viz., that if the former Governors had properly looked to the following points there would have been no rebellion:


1st: “The Government took measures for protecting the heirs and descendants of the former Rulers instead of extirpating them. They ought to have taken them, on the pretence of conveying them to England, on board a ship, and to have drowned them in the sea.”


2nd: “They ought not to have preserved the religious books of any tribe in Hindoosthan, but they should have taken them by force and burnt them.”


3rd: “They ought to have deprived all natives of the power of holding a single ‘Biswah’ of land.”


4th: “They ought to have intermarried with the daughters of natives of rank, compelling the parents by force, and bribing them with money, to give them their daughters, so that in a few years they would all have become one.”


5th: “They ought not to have taught artillery practice to any natives of India.”


6th: “They ought not to have left arms or weapons in the hands of the natives.”


7th: “They ought not to have given service to anyone, unless he had eaten food with them.”


8th: “They ought not to have permitted the Hindoos to relate their religious tales, or granted permission to Mussulmans to preach sermons.”


9th: “They ought not to have permitted the erection of Mosques and Temples.”


10th: “Decisions in the Civil Courts ought to have been passed according to the precepts of the Christian Religion.”


11th: “The marriage ceremonies should have been made over to the English Clergy, instead of allowing the old customs of ‘Nikah’ and ‘Bhowree.”


12th: “Hindoo and Mussulman systems of medicine ought not to have been allowed to be practised.”


13th: “(Wanting in the copy furnished to me).”


14th: “They ought not to have allowed the Hindoo and Mussulman Faqueers, unless specially permitted by the Clergymen, to make Proselytes.”


15th: “They ought not to have allowed Midwives, but insisted that English medical men should attend women in child birth. “These points were not at all regarded by the English Government, but the superstitions of the perfidious natives were on the contrary respected and encouraged. The consequence is that these very people rebelled: that if the foregoing measures are adopted there will be no fear of any disturbance for a thousand years to come.”


Oh men of Hindoostan ! see now these Christians. How great is their enmity against you? You have been told of the future schemes of the English as related above. Now you must wash your hands, and try your best to save your religion and lives by murdering all Europeans, make your resolution firm and by the blessing of God you will succeed.


I, the writer ofthis Proclamation, give you a short account of facts as follows. Hear it attentively and act up to it. Before the rebellion broke out I had gone to Mecca, and on my return, when I arrived at Bombay, having been informed of the wretched condition of these ill-disposed Christians I thanked God; and as I am by nature a believer in Islam, and a lover of justice, and a hater of oppression, when I left Bombay on my way back to this part of India, I persuaded the people on the road, as far as Gwalior, to make a jahad, and to kill all Christians, and to this effect I took pledges from a great number of native chieftains and warriors. A small force accompanied me from Gwalior, and I had intended to fight, as soon as I had matured my plans; but the religious fervour of my troops became so great, that they paid no attention to discipline.


They consequently unadvisedly advanced on Agra and commenced fighting with the ill-starred infidels at that place* and not withstanding that they were inferior in numbers to the enemy, they fought well and bravely, and though they were apparently defeated, yet in reality; having killed about a thousand of the Kafirs, they obtained a victory, my property was lost and my relatives and friends were dispersed.


From that day to this, my time has been employed in preparing to fight again, and for three or four months I have been very successful in inducing several princes and other natives of rank, and warriors of every part of the country, to join with me in extii ating the wicked Kafirs, and by the grace of God I have been abli to collect 150,000 tried soldiers and recruits, and they have taken solemn oaths not to desert the cause; and therefore in a very short time we shall be able to clear the country from the presence of the Kafirs. Everywhere ammunition is stored, and money is collected. The only thing which remains to be done is for me to commence operations.


The object in view is purely of a religious nature, therefore it is made known to all Hindoos and Mussulmans, that whoever is so fortunate as to possess the grace of God, he will join us in this religious war. After the receipt of this Proclamation, it is expected that all will join the “jahad”.


The weak and old can join by their prayers for our success; the wealthy, and old should assist us with their wealth, whilst those who are strong and in good health should exert themselves in the field of battle.


On joining the “jahad” everyone must remember the following points :


1st: Those who are servants of the Races of Lucknow, our young kinsman, Mirza Burjees Qudur Bahadoor (Birjis Qadar Bahadur), and those who are servants of the Nawab Khan Bahadoor Khan of Bareilly, will not join in this war, without obtaining first the consent of those chiefs; for those chiefs are ready to expel the Kafirs. Deserting those chiefs is in fact, therefore, adding strength to the infidels.


2nd: All should join in this religious war, not for the sake of this world’s goods, but in hopes of reaping the fruits of eternity. After attaining ascendancy and power, by the blessing of God, they will also get high situations in this world.


3rd: The delay that has occurred hitherto in expelling the English has been caused by the Will and Order of Providence, for the army mercilessly murdered women and children in violation of the orders of their Sirdars and gave themselves up so much to plunder that they turned victory into defeat. They likewise oppressed the people, and did not mind the orders of their leaders. Now having relinquished all these sinful acts and formed your minds for doing good, you should join in the “jahad” and you will obtain complete victory.


4th: The people of all grades should regard themselves as equals, for in religious matters all brothers should equally defend the faith. It is not my object to wage this war for worldly‘ gain, and therefore having placed reliance in the precepts of religion, I gird myself with bravery and enthusiasm, and having wrapped around my head the cerements of the grave (Kufiun), and having armed myself with the sword of “jahad” I rise repeating the holy “Bismilah” and relying on the blessing of God, I am sure of obtaining victory.


I do hereby call you again and again to come and join me for the sake of God. I will inform you of the date and is and which I march out of the city. Those who are anxious to join are requested to do so without delay.


Sacrifice your life for your beloved, for death will some day take it from you. Oh Hafiz, do you decide which is the better of the two courses.


Printed at the Bahadoor” Press in Bareilly, by the order of the Nawab, the Ruler of Kuthair (Katihar), under the superintendence of Moulavie Qutab Shah, by Darogah Shaikh Neeaz Allee, dated the 3rd Rajab 1274 Hizeree (18th February 1858)?

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