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From His Majesty of Delhi, to the Most Nolle JambsAndrew, Marquis of Dalhousie, K.T., &c. &c Governor-General of India.Dated Delhi 1st July 1852

From His Majesty of Delhi, to the Most Nolle JambsAndrew, Marquis of Dalhousie, K.T., &c. &c Governor-General of India.Dated Delhi 1st July 1852

Secret Papers


March 16, 2023 at 12:27:19 PM

National Archives of India,Delhi

Heir-Apparent Hindusthan



July , 1st,1852






June 21, 2022 at 8:00:00 PM


Mohammed Q, Binghalib


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From His Majesty of Delhi, to the Most Nolle JambsAndrew, Marquis of Dalhousie, K.T., &c. &c Governor-General of India.Dated Delhi 1st July 1852.

I HAVE the pleasure to state for your consideration that Since the introduction of the British rule here all my affairs are placed under the liberal management of the British Government. I have never experienced any trouble, and it has never refused to attend to my applications. But of late, I am sorry to say, I have not received any decided reply to several points which I had ventured to bring to the notice of Government :


1st.— On the 29th August 1849 I had the honor to forward, for submission to Her Most Gracious Majesty the Queen of England, a namak or letter, and which was refused to be despatched,

2nd. —An increase of allowance was granted by the Hon’ble the Court of Directors during the time of the late King, but its payment was postponed in consequence of His late Majesty'srefusing to agree to the several conditions then offered. But I consented to all those points, and still I have not been able to obtain the amount.


3rd. —The succession of the Heir-Apparent to this House is not allowed to be filled, and remains vacant, although I have made repeated applications on this head.

4th.—The amount arrears of nuzzurs (in commutation) has not been paid to me, although Lord Ellenborough's orders exist to shew this, and which i he was pleased to record for its payment.

It is a rule with the Government to pay all arrears in such cases, after their final adjustment.

Your Lordship has refused to accept the attendance of a Vakeel or Agent from my part at your Court.

I now beg to offer for Your Lordship’s consideration the following proposals. As I am become now very old, I feel anxious that provision may be insured for hereafter for my dearest family : —


lst. —That, as the Hon’ble the Court of Directors was pleased to appoint an increase, and that I have accepted the conditions proposed for its payment, it is presumed that it must be paid. On its payment, therefore, I feel assured that the payment of the same will be made punctually,

according to the arrangements made in the statement (which was furnished) under date

20th October 1847, i.e., the income of every person who draws now may suffer no curtail- ment. The former debts against me may be paid iyi toto, after enquiring, as well as the present debt incurred on account of MirzaJawan Bukht Bahadur’s marriage.

2nd.—The Royal debts after due enquiries may be paid and discharged punctually.

3rd—That Nawab 2feenut Mahnl is my lawful wife, being from an eminent family, to whom I have granted a further increase of allowance, which makes her present pay to be Ks. 3,322 per mensem. I have also granted an increase to the allowance of my beloved son, Mirza Jawan Bukht, Bahadur, nho draws now per mensem as his allowance Es. 2,077. These items are provable from the regular’ Royal account books. These amounts I am anxious may never suffer any diminution. I have also granted to the Begum in perpetuity the villages of Jowls, Bhoorana, Mohirbun and Bulgsooah.

These I had granted under regular sunnuds in payment of her mahr or dowry,


I have therefore the pleasure to request and say that it is incumbent upon the generous and just Government to see fulfilled all these points. It may not be superfluous to add here and say that the present proposal is in no way novel, for during the time of Shah Allum Badshah allowances were appointed for the wives of Allumgeer Sanee. In like manner, the late King continued to his brothers and sisters the payment of allowances and lands which were granted to them, and since my accession I have also allowed to continue to every member his portion, for the families of Mirza Babur and Jahangeer, &e. I am anxious therefore to provide in like

In conclusion, I hope from Your Lordship’s high justice and liberality that you will kindly and generously bring into }-our most favorable consideration the above requests and favor me with an early reply.


16. From, the Secretary to Government, North-Western Provinces,to C. ALLEN By, Esquire, Officiating Secretary to the Government of india,Fort William .,No 189 dated the 13th july 1852

Iam directed to transmit to you the accompanying copy of a letter from the Agent at Delhi, No. 32, dated 5th instant, together with the waseeqa from the King of Delhi there with received the address of the most Noble the Governor-General of India regarding a provision after His Majesty's Demise for the favorite Begum, Nawab Zeenut Mahul Begum, and the young Prince Mu-za Jawan Bakht.

2. His Honor considers it superfluous to make any addition to the Agents observations.


17. From iJie Secretary to Government, North- Western Provinces, to Sir T. Metcalfe, Bart., Agent to the Lieutenant-Governor, Delhi,—No. 190, dated 13th July 1852.

I AM directed to acknowledge the receipt of your letter No. 32, dated 5 th instant, and to acquaint you in reply that the JF%seeqa therewith forwarded regarding a provision for Nuwab Zeenut Mahul Begum and the young Prince IMirza Jawan Bakht has been forwarded to the Secretary to the Government of India for submission to the Most Noble the Governor-General of India.

From G. Allen, Esquire, Officiating Secretary to the Govern- ment of India, Foreign Department, to W. Mule, Esquire,Secretary to the Government of the North- Western Provinces, —No. 3113, dated Fort William, 4th September 1852.

I HAVE received and laid before the Governor-General in Council your two letters, dated respectively the 25th June and 13th July last. Nos. 179* and 189,* forwarding two letters from His Majesty the King of Delhi to the address of the Governor-General.

2. In reply, I am directed to forward to you, for delivery to the King, the accompanying Khureetah from the Governor-General to His Majesty in reply to the two letters addressed to the Government, with a copy of the letter enclosed therein for the information of the Lieutenant-Governor.

3. I am also instructed to forward herewith the accompanying copy of a despatch from the

Hon’ble the Court of Directors, which it is requested may be forwarded for the information of the Agent at Delhi, who may be directed to take the necessary.measures for recognizing Prince Fukrooddeen as Heir-Apparent to the throne of Delhi, granting to him the stipend with arrears since the death of the late Heir-Apparent and permitting him to receive the usual honors attached to that dignity.

4. Advertising to the objections of His Majesty to the nomination of Prince Fukrooddeen, the Governor- General in Council hopes that his recognition will be declared in the manner least likely to mortify the King, so far as such respect can be shown to His Majesty consistently with a full and formal recognition of Prince Fukrooddeen on the part of Government.

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