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Katoch Rajputan Kashmir

October 31, 1151
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Tareekh e Aqwam Kashmir
Abbasid Caliphate 762-1258 AD
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Katoch Chandrabansi is a famous branch of Rajputs. Some of his families have been living in Kashmir for about eight centuries. And have been in the realm of Islam for almost six centuries. But so far the members of this family have been divided into many branches. For example. Ganai. Makhdoomi . Country. Dad. Shawl. Silk. Sketches. The detailed circumstances of this family have come under the Raina caste before it. Raja Mil Chand migrated with his tribesmen from Kangra and came to Kashmir during the reign of Raja J. Singh. The governor of Kashmir also gave the post of commander-in-chief to Lar jagirdine. Where Gug Chand, the son of Mil Chand, built the fort Gagnagir in his name. Traces of which are still found in Mouza Gagnagir area of Lar.




From the fifth generation of Raja Mil Chand, Rao Chand along with his cousin Rai Bahram became Muslim. This incident took place in 6 AH. Rawan Chand was the first person in the family to receive the title of Reena due to family honors and high military service. And later this branch became famous. The post of commander-in-chief also remained in the same family for three generations. In the third line of Rawan Chand, two sons of Otar Raina, Helmut Raina and Ahmed Raina, became a twin family. Helmut Reina and Ahmed Reina Zainal Abidin's two famous soldiers have passed away. In the third generation of Helmut Reina, Usman Reina became a recluse and lived a nomadic life. Mouza Tajr area Kamraj was in his jagir where he took up residence. One of his two sons, Akbar, son of Akbar, was the famous Wali Akmal of Kashmir, Mehboob-ul-Alam Makhdoom Sheikh Hamza Raina. Places and most of the cities of Punjab. Usman Reena had a cousin named Abid Reena. From the eighth back of which Salam Reena left the residence of Mouza Tajr and settled in Mouza Ma Gam area of Handwara. Helmut Reina's brother Ahmad Rina's descendants converted to Shia. In the Islamic government of Kashmir, his descendants have held the posts of Commander-in-Chief and Prime Minister from time to time. Among them Musa Reena Eidi Reena and Malik Naji Reena were very famous personalities. Kashmir's famous and historian Malik Haider Chadoora who was involved in the government of Kashmir during the reign of Jahangir. Naji was Reina's nephew. The Jamia Masjid Srinagar was also repaired by him. The word Chadoora is still associated with this branch due to its residence in Mouza Malik Chadoora. The descendants of Eidi Reena and Malik Haider are now settled in Srinagar and other parts of Kashmir and Punjab as the family later got the title of Malik. Therefore, their descendants are now known as Malik Jat. It has already been mentioned that along with Rawan Chand, his cousin Rai Bahram also converted to Islam. Rai Bahram had two sons, Zindra A. Sher Dal and Rai Madri. Rai Sherdal was the Prime Minister of Sultan Shahabuddin Badshah of Kashmir (1901).



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