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Copy of a Portrait for Akhter Mahal Begam wife of Bahadur Shah II, Delhi, by the artists Mahmud Faizul and his pupil, Asmuddin, circa 1900, after originals of 1840-50

March 5, 2024
Mohammed Al Qassim
Bahadur Shah II 1837–1857




Portrait for Akhter Mahal Begam wife of Bahadur Shah II Delhi, by the artists Mahmud Faizul and his pupil, Asmuddin, circa 1900, after originals of 1840-50


1. Portrait of Aktar Mahal, Painted by Mahmud Faizul, artist, Delhi, about 1825.


1. Painted by Mahmud Faizul, portrait of Persian wife of Bahadur Shah II, Akhtar Mahal.

Emily Eden, writing in 1839, had commented on the skill of Delhi artists, including Azim, who is perhaps the grandfather of the artists of these paintings:

I had two Delhi miniature painters here, translating two of my sketches on to ivory and I never saw anything so perfect as their copy of Runjeet Singh. Azim, the best painter, is almost a genius except that he knows no perspective, so he can only copy [...] Their miniatures are so soft and beautiful. (Up The Country, quoted in M. Archer, Company Paintings: Indian Paintings of the British Period, London 1992, p. 217).

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Ismail Mazari

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Very good information.


The Mughal Images immediately took a much greater interest in realistic portraiture than was typical of Persian miniatures. Animals and plants were the main subject of many miniatures for albums and were more realistically depicted. To upload your images click here.

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