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H.R.H. Shahzada Mirza Jawan Bakht, Jahandar Shah Bahadur

October 10, 1786
Mirza Firuz Shah
Shah Alam II 1759–1806

H.R.H. Shahzada Mirza Jawan Bakht, Jahandar Shah Bahadur



Name: H.R.H. Shahzada Mirza Jawan Bakht, Jahandar Shah Bahadur


S/O: H.M. ‘Abdu’llah Jalal ud-din Abu’l Muzaffar Ham ud-din Muhammad ‘Ali Gauhar Shah-i-‘Alam II Sahib-i-Qiran Padshah-i-Ghazi, Emperor of India 


About Mirza Jawan Bakht: Proclaimed as Regent by the Marathas during the absence of his father in Bengal, 9th October 1760. Invested as Heir Apparent with the title of Wali Ahad Bahadur, 10th October 1760. Wazir ul-Mamalik-i-Hindustan 1762-1764, 2nd Bakhshi 1779, Supt of the Bathing Apartments 1779-1781. Fled from Delhi 14th April 1784 and settled at Lucknow and granted a political pension by the HEIC, later removed to Benares where he was given the Shiwala Palace for his residence.


Painted By: Painted in Lucknow by Zoffany in 1783 in a simple jama, no jewels, with only his sword as a symbol of his lineage


m. (first) H.R.H. Nawab Mulka-i-Afaq Qutlaq Sultan Begum Sahiba [Jina Begum] [Mahal-i-Khas] (b. at Delhi, 1750; d. at the Shiwala Palace, Benares, 20th October 1818, bur. there at Bagh-i-Fatiman), second daughter of ‘Ala ud-Daula, Mirza Muhammad ‘Ala ud-din Bahadur [Mirza Babar], sometime Subadar of Allahabad, by his wife, Nawab Malika uz-Zamani Begum Sahiba, second daughter of H.M. Abu’l-‘Adil ‘Aziz ud-din Muhammad ‘Alamgir II Sahib-i-Qiran Padshah-i-Ghazi, Emperor of India.


m. (second) Jahanabadi Begum Sahiba (d.s.p. at the Shiwala Palace, Benares, 10th April 1820).


m. (third) Zeb un-nisa Begum Sahiba (d.s.p. at Fatehgarh Cantonment, Farrukhabad, 31st May 1822, bur. there at Shahzadas’ Garden, Husainpur), previously Bibi Zehan, a former slave of Princess Mehdi Begum. 


m. (i) Mahal-i-Khas Sahiba (d. before 1788, bur. Chunar).


m. (ii) Halim un-nisa Khanum (d. at the Shiwala Palace, Benares, 3rd December 1848).


m. (iii) Zahar un-nisa Khanum (d. at the Shiwala Palace, Benares, 18th March 1838). m. (a) Qubnagar (d. at Delhi, after 1788), a slave. He d.v.p. at the Shiwala Palace, Benares, 31st May 1788 (bur. there), having had issue, four sons and eight daughters: 


a) Shahzada Mirza Muhammad Shigufta Bakht Bahadur [Mirza Hajji]. b. 1762 (s/o a concubine), educ. privately. Adopted by his stepmother, Jahanabadi Begum Sahiba. m. Fakhr un-nisa Begum Sahiba (b. 1772; d. at Benares, 10th November 1842). He d. at the Shiwala Palace, Benares, 5th May 1810. 


b) H.R.H. Shahzada Mirza Muhammad Mu’azzam Shah, Khurram Bakht Bahadur. b. at Delhi, 1765 (s/o Qutlaq Sultan), educ. privately. m. (first) ca. 1798, Nawab Zeb Jahan Begum Sahiba [Bari Khanum] (b. 1790; d. at Benares, 24th January 1843, bur. there at Bagh-i-Fatiman), née Zeb un-nisa Begum Sahiba, and daughter of his maternal aunt, Nawab Wajiha Sultan Begum, eldest daughter of ‘Ala ud-Daula, Mirza Muhammad ‘Ala ud-din Bahadur [Mirza Babar], sometime Subadar of Allahabad, and sister of Shirin Beg. m. (second) Bi Begami Sahiba (d. at Benares, 20th March 1854, bur. there). m. (third) before 1790, Nawab Saidat un-nisa Begum Sahiba [Chota Sahiba] (d. at Benares, 15th July 1850, bur. there at Bagh-i-Fatiman). m. (fourth) Nawab Fahim un-nisa Begum Sahiba [Nunni Bahu Begum] (d. at the Shiwala Palace, Benares, before 1828, bur. there at Bagh-i-Fatiman), sister of Chota Sahiba. m. 


(a) Bhola Begum.


(b) before 1791, Azmat un-nisa Begum Sahiba (d. at Benares, 11th December 1846), alias Bi Azmat Khawas.


(c) Khurram un-nisa Begum (d. 5th April 1852), alias Lakshmi Bai. 


(d) Sahiba Khatun. 


(e) Bi Hormat Khawas.


(f) Musa Bai (d. at Benares, 24th April 1844).


(g) Husain Bakhsh Sahiba [Kallu Bai], sister of Dhunna Bai.


(h) Khanum Jan (d. at Benares, 25th May 1855)


(i) Jani Begum (d. ca. 1857). m. 


(j) Bibi Siti Murjan. m. 


(k) Bibi Ashfal (d. at Benares, 26th November 1838). m. 


(l) Dhunna Bai (d. at Benares, July 1851), sister of Kallu Bai. m. 


(m) Bibi Gul Bahar (d. at Benares, 22nd November 1855). m. 


(n) Bibi Azizan (d. at Benares, June 1839). m. 


(o) Bibi Rahat Bakhsh (d. at Benares, 4th June 1842). He d. at the Shiwala Palace, Benares, 25th February 1818 (bur. there at Bagh-i-Fatiman). c) Shahzada Mirza Shihab ud-din Muhammad Muzaffar Bakht Bahadur [Mirza Jumma Sahib] (s/o Qubnagar), educ. privately. First adopted by Jahanbandi Begum and later by Qutlaq Sultan Begum Sahiba. He left Benares after the death of his father and resided at the Peshwa’s court in Poona until 1795, where he hoped to but failed to secure his desire to be appointed as Heir Apparent to the throne of Delhi. He then returned to Benares, from whence he was removed to the military cantonment at Fatehgarh for his part in Wazir ‘Ali’s insurrection in 1799. m. (first) … Begum Sahiba (d. at Fatehgarh Cantonment, Farrukhabad, 1808). m. (a) Bibi Bakhtawar (b. ca. 1773; d.s.p.). m. (b) Bibi Daulat Afza (b. ca. 1772; d.s.p.). m. (c) Bibi Rahman (b. ca. 1796; d.s.p.). m. (d) Bibi Nek Shazan (d.s.p.).m. (e) Bibi Sharaf un-nisa (d.s.p.). m. (f) Bibi Gul Niaz (d.s.p.).m. (g) Bibi Jumiat (d.s.p.). He d. at Shahzada‘s House, Fatehgarh Cantonment, Farrukhabad, 1st February 1828 (bur. there at Shahzadas’ Garden, Husainpur) d) ‘Ali Qadr, Shahzada Mirza Muhammad Shuja Bakht Bahadur. b. posthumously, at the Shiwala Palace, Benares, 22nd January 1789 (s/o a concubine), educ. privately. 


Adopted by Jahanabadi Begum. m. (first) at Lucknow, 1808, Nawab Bunnu Begum (d. at Benares, 10th February 1854), tenth daughter of Shahzada Mirza Muhammad Sulaiman Shikoh Bahadur. m. (i) Dulhan Khanum (d. at Benares, 7th January 1872). m. (a) Padshah Bai. m. (b) Hira Bai (d. at Benares, 26th May 1890). He d. at Benares, 21st December 1847, having had issue, six sons and three daughters: i) Mirza Muhammad Ahsan Bakht Bahadur. b. before 1820 (s/o Bannu Begum), educ. privately. m. (first) Nawab Naushaba Sultan Begum Sahiba (d.s.p. at Benares, 22nd June 1895), daughter of Mirza Salim ud-din Muhammad Bakht Bahadur, by his wife, Jan Sultan Begum Sahiba, fifth daughter of Shahzada Mirza Muhammad Mu’azzam Shah, Khurrum Bakht Bahadur, of Benares. m. (second) Zeb Jahan Begum [Chuti Khanum] (d. at Benares, 17th May 1885). He d. at Benares, before 18th January 1860. Nawab Umdat Uz-Zamani influence: After the dust settled in the war of succession, the Mughal place control was into the hands of powerful ministers, in 1759, H.M. Abu’al-’Adil 'Aziz ud-din Mohammed 'Alamgir II, Emperor of Hindustan was Murdered on the order of Ghazi ud-din Khan, the Prime Minister, Nawab Umdat Uz-Zamani the eldest daughter of the diseased Emperor and the sister of than the Crown Prince (later Emperor) Shahzada Mirza 'Abdu'llah, 'Ali Gowhar, Shah Alam Bahadur, have played a strong role in keeping the image and respect of the royal house and put on the Throne Mirza Jawan Bakht (Jahandar Shah II) son of her brother, issued all orders and Royal decrees till the arrival of her brother and taking up the Throne 16th October 1760. 


In rewards of Her great role in holding the rule, Emperor Shah Alam II, had granted many gift and estates in various places to his sister, among them the estates in Kirana, Aswda, Sanmpla, Chawla close to Delhi and a Garden near Chandni Chowk, and taken care of all of her requirements and needs, After H.M Emperor Akbar II, the benefits of these estates and with there agreement handed over these properties in exchange of 5000 Rs yearly pension which was attested by the H.M Emperor Bahadur Shah II, and was given to the supervision of the British resident in Delhi 1842. The main beneficiaries of Umdat Uz-Zamani Begum were the children her born two sons, Mirza Shujjat Afza and Mirza Karamat Afza; Mirza Ellahi Bakhsh the second among the four sons of the Mirza Shujjat Afza was beneficiary of this payment as well. The new Emperors had also treated the Children and the grandchildren of Nawab Umdat Uz-Zamani kindly and the inter-marriage was among the highest between their children. Among others, the notable marriages of the children of H.R.H Nawab Umdat Uz-Zamani; Mirza Mohammed Shuja'at Afshar Bahadur (Mirza Bahtchu) to H.R.H Shahzadi Nawab Aaliyt un-nisa Begum Sahiba, daughter of H.M. Emperor Shah Alam II. 


His son Mirza Mohammad Khuda Bakhsh Bahadur [Taleh Munir] married his cousin, H.H Nawab Laskari Begum Sahiba, née Ashraf un-nisa Begum Sahiba, daughter of H.R.H Shahzada Mirza Mohammed Suleiman Shikoh Bahadur son of H.M Emperor Shah Alam II. Mirza Mohammad Karimat Afshar Bahadur (Mirza Mukhu) to H.R.H Shahzadi Nawab Sa'adat un-nisa Begum Sahiba another daughter of H.M. Emperor Shah Alam II. Nawab Mukarram un-nisa Begum Sahiba, H.R.H a daughter of Umdat Uz-Zamani Begum married H.R.H Shahzada Mirza Muhammad Sikander Shikoh Bahadur son of H.M. Emperor Shah Alam who was residing in Lucknow.


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