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Maharana Udai Singh Rathore - jodhpur

August 3, 1583
Mirza Firuz Shah
Akbar 1556–1605

Maharana Udai Singh Rathore - jodhpur



Udai Singh Rathore (13 January 1538 – 10 July 1595), also known by the sobriquet Mota Raja (the fat king), was the Rathore ruler (reigned 1583–95) of Marwar, which was later known as Jodhpur (in the present-day Rajasthan state of India). He was also the maternal grandfather of Shah Jahan, the fifth Mughal Emperor, and an ancestor of all subsequent emperors. Early life Born on 13 January 1538, Udai Singh was the son of Maldeo Rathore, Raja of Marwar and Rani Swarup Deviji, daughter of Jhalo Jaito Sajivat. He was also elder and only full-brother of Chandrasen, successor of Maldeo. When Rao Maldeo nominated his younger brother, Chandrasen to the throne, Udai Singh raised some turmoil. In order to pacify him, his mother had Maldeo to give him Phalodi. War Of Succession On the death of Rao Maldeo, his younger brother Chandrasen ascended the throne of Marwar. Although Marwar did not follow the law of Primogeniture, rarely had the right of the elder son been set aside. Thus the fratricidel war of succession when ensured. On the instigation of the Chiefs and Nobles of Chandrasen, Udai Singh revolted at Gagani. At the same time Ramchandra and Raimal also revolted at Sajot and Dunda respectively. However both fled away rather than facing Chandrasen's army. But Udai Singh fought Chandrasen's army and was defeated in Lohawat in December 1562. In this battle, both sides suffered great loses in men and material. Udai Singh had given a blow with an axe to Chandrasen and he also received a blow from Rawal Megh Raj. His life was saved by Hade Khichi who had him remove from the battlefield on his horse. These war unfortunately weakened the Rathore principality when Akbar was forming friendly alliance with other Rajput Chieftains. Thus Marwar soon fell under Mughal Forces. Chandrasen had no allies and all of his brothers and fellow rajput chieftains (apart from Mewar) stood against him. Chandrasen was left completely isolated in the war with the Mughal empire. Akbar's army occupied Merta in the same year and the capital in 1564. Mughal Library

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