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Mughal Gold and Enamel Belt Buckle

July 12, 2023
Jahangir II 1920-1948



        The Mughal gold and enamel belt buckle  is a stunning piece of artistry and craftsmanship from the Mughal era. This exquisite belt buckle consists of two separate pieces that come together to create a remarkable accessory.


         The first piece is a rectangular element made of gold, featuring a small round ring through which an oblong ring fits. This rectangular element serves as the main body of the belt buckle and is adorned with intricate enamel decoration on its front side. The enamel work showcases a captivating scene of a tiger attacking a deer amidst lush foliage. The vibrant colors and meticulous details bring the scene to life, adding a sense of dynamic energy to the buckle.


          The second piece is an oblong ring with a hook attached to it. This ring is designed to fit through the small round ring on the rectangular element, effectively connecting the two pieces. Made of gold like the rest of the buckle, the oblong ring may also feature inlaid diamonds, adding a touch of opulence to the design. While the reverse side of the oblong ring may not display any enamel decoration, it serves a vital function in securely fastening the buckle to the belt.


          The enamel decoration on the reverse side of the belt buckle presents another compelling scene—a tiger attacking a boar. This intricate enamel work showcases the Mughal artisans' skill in capturing the intensity and drama of wildlife encounters. The rich colors and intricate detailing of the enamel work on both sides of the buckle make it a true masterpiece, reflecting the Mughal dynasty's love for luxurious and ornate accessories.


           Overall, the Mughal gold and enamel belt buckle is a remarkable testament to the artistry and craftsmanship of the Mughal era. Its combination of gold, inlaid diamonds, and vibrant enamel work depicting scenes of wildlife creates a visually stunning and historically significant accessory that exemplifies the grandeur and elegance of Mughal art.

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Ismail Mazari

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Very good information.


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