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Portrait of Jagat Singh II. Jaipur, 1810–15

June 28, 2021
Mirza Firuz Shah
Akbar Shah II 1806–1837

Portrait of Jagat Singh II. Jaipur, 1810–15



Jagat Singh (1786 – 21 November 1818) was the Maharaja of Amber and Jaipur from 1803 until 1818. He was a son of Pratap Singh, Raja of Jaipur. Maharaja Sawai Jagat Singh ascended to the throne of Jaipur on 3 August 1803 at the age of 17. The early years of his reign were comparatively free from Maratha and Mughal inroads but a dispute with Marwar (Jodhpur) on a point of honor brought the two states, which had worked closely during Maharaja Pratap Singh's time, into confrontation, which however ended in peace and a matrimonial alliance. An important event at the commencement of his reign was the signing of an offensive and defensive alliance on 12 December, 1803 with the British. This treaty was likely to free Jaipur from Maratha depredations, but after Lord Wellesley's departure, it was annulled by the Governor General, George Barlow who was an advocate of the policy of non-interference. As a result of this, territories of the state were depredated by the Maratha's and Amir Khan Pindari till the signing of the historic treaty of 1818 ‘defensive alliance, perpetual friendship, protection and subordinate cooperation’ with the British. Barely nine months later Sawai Jagat Singh died at the young age of 32.


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Very good information.


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