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Rao Lachman Singh Of Patan

June 30, 1820
Akbar Shah II 1806–1837

Rao Lachman Singh Of Patan



Image Reference: The 39 Paintings contained within "The 1836 Tazkirat Al-Umara of Colonel James Skinner: Image Description: Rao Raja Lachman Singh Of Patan HISTORY: An independent thikana in Rajasthan, ruled by the Tomar clan and descended from Raja Anangpal Tomar II, ruler of Delhi in the 12th century. PRESENT HEAD: Rao Sahib DIGVIJAY SINGH, Rao Sahib of Patan and Head of the Tomar clan in India, since 11th September 1991. Born 27th March 1963 in Jaipur, Master of Arts, married 21st January 1991 in Jodhpur, Rani Kailash Kumari, daughter of Thakur Sunder Singhji of Sodawas, and his wife, Thakurani Chanda Kanwar, and has issue. Rajkumar Rudravrat Singh, born 4th November 1991, presently (2007) in the 10th Standard at Mayo College Ajmer (Rajasthan). Rajkumari Rudrakshi Kumari, born 25th August 1996, presently (2007) in the 6th Standard at Maharaja Sawai Man Singh Vidhyalaya, Jaipur. GENEALOGY: Rao Salunji (Saalivaahan) Rao Nihaalji Rai Dhothji, Rao of Torawati-Patan, he settled at Tonda-ki-Rad in 1130, his fourth Rani was the founder of a dam named after her; married and had issues. Rao Popatrajji (qv) Rao Jayrathji, he founded Tonda, married and had issues, the Jatu Tanwar's of Haryana spread across 1449 villages. Rao Jatu Ji [Jatmal], founder of Jatu Tanwar Clan, found in Haryana (Bhiwani, Hissar, Mahendergarh). Rao Kaloji, founder of Kaliya Tanwar Clan, found in Sarsuwas (Dungergarh). Rao Raghoji, founder of Raghu (Ragho) Tanwar Clan, found in Ratera and Khanak. Rao Jairawat ji, founder of Jairawata Tanwar Clan, found in Bhairu-ka-Bans and Ahrod. Rao Satrawat ji, founder of Satrawata Tanwar Clan, found in Petwad (Hissar) Rao Hanumanji, he settled in Dholpur Sikandri. Rao Popatraj ji Rao Peepalrajji Rao Ranaji Rao Alsiji(Aasalji) Rao Kamalji (kavarsi) Rao Mahipal Bhopalji Rao Bachrajji Rao Bhaadarji Rao Bahadur Singhji Rao Prithvirajji Rao Kalyaan Ji Rao Kumbhaaji Rao Baharsiji Rao Jagmaalji Rao Purnamalji Rao Laakhanji Rao Loonkaranji Rao Kanwalji (Kevalji) Rao Aasalji Rao Kheebu (Pevji) Rao Sahamalji Rao Karpooriji Rao Beekoji Rao Chhotaa Aasalji Rao Balbhadra Singhji Rao Dalpat Singhji Rao Pratap Singhji Rao Kesri Singhji (Sinhraj), married and had issues, 13 sons. Thakur Ajayab Singh Thakur Madho Singh Thakur Khawani Singh (Bhawani Singh) Rao Fateh Singh (qv) Thakur Jujhar Singh Thakur Himmat Singh Thakur Kushal Singh Thakur Hindu Singh Thakur Purushottam Singh, his descendants settled in Kishopura and Raipur. Thakur Ram Singh, his descendants settled in Kanwar Ka Nangal. Thakur Prem Singh, his descendants settled in Kanwar Ka Nangal Thakur Kishan Singh, his descendants settled in Kanwar Ka Nangal Thakur Kirat Singh, his descendants settled in Kanwar Ka Nangal Rao Fateh Singhji, married and had issues, 3 sons. Rao Jaswant Singhji (qv) Thakur Prithvi Singh, moved to Kishorpura, married and had issues, four sons. Kharag Singh Bagh Singh (Bhadag Singh) Dalel Singh (Doulat Singh) Karan Singh Thakur Swaroop Singh, moved to Kishopura. Rao Jaswant Singhji Rao Ghaasiramji Rao BAKSHIRAMJI [Bamsiramji], Rao of Patan 1699/-, married and had issue, two sons and two daughters. Rao Samrath Singhji [Dheeraj Singh] (qv) Kunwar Ranjeet Singh, he was granted the estate of Sihor (Sihod) in Khetri pargana, married and had issue. Rani Sahiba (name unknown), married to Maharaja Ajeet Singhji of Jodhpur. Rani Sahiba (name unknown), married to Maharaja Abhay Singhji of Jodhpur. Rao SAMRATH SINGHJI, Rao of Patan -/1757 Rao SAMPAT SINGHJI, Rao of Patan 1757/1790 Rao JAWAHAR SINGHJI, Rao of Patan 1790/- or 1797/1819, married 1stly Rani Rathoriji, married 2ndly Rani Narukaji, daughter of Rao Raja Bakhtawar Singh of Alwar, and had issue, two sons. Rao Laxman Singhji (by the Rathore Rani) Thakur Bishan Singh (by the Naruka Rani) Rao LAXMAN SINGHJI, Rao of Patan, married and had issue. Rao Kishan Singhji (qv) Thakur Pratap Singh, born 1825, married and had issue. Rao Mukund Singhji (qv) Rao KISHAN SINGHJI, Rao of Patan 1856/1873, married to daughter of Thakur Megh Singh of Diggi and had adoptive issue. He died 1873. (A) Rao Mukund Singhji (qv) Rao MUKUND SINGHJI, Rao of Patan 1873/-, born about 1861, son of Thakur Pratap Singh, younger brother of Rao Kishan Singh, he succeeded by adoption; married 1882 in Patan, Rani (name unknown), daughter of Thakur Pratap Singh of Diggi, and his third wife, Thakurani Roop Kanwar. Rao Sahib UDAI SINGH, Rao of Patan, married 1928 in Kathmandu, Rani Thagendra Rajya Lakshmi Kumari Devi, daughter of Gen. HH Shri Tin Maharaja Mohun Shamsher Jung Bahadur Rana of Nepal, Prime Minister of Nepal, and had issue. Raj Kumari Shubhraj Kumari [Maharani Shubhraj Kumari of Bastar], born 1930, married 4th July 1961, Maharaja Pravir Chandra Bhanj Deo of Bastar. She died sp 11th September 1996. Rao Sahib Bir Bikram Singhji (qv) Rajkumar Birendra Singhji, born 2nd January 1934, married 16th May 1976, Maharaj Kumari Nanda Kumari, daughter of HH Maharao Madan Singhji of Kutch, and his wife, HH Maharani Rajendra Kunverba. Rajkumar Fateh Singhji, born 5th October 1935, died unmarried 17th February 1985. Rajkumari Sushil Kumari, born 18th January 1938, married 6th February 1975, Kunwar Durgadas Singhji of Boraj in Jaipur. Rao Sahib BIR BIKRAM SINGHJI, Rao of Patan -/1991, born 18th August 1932, married 28th April 1960, Rani Sahiba Raghuraj Kumari [presently the Rajmata Sahiba of Patan], daughter of Maharaj Shri Pratap Singhji of Bhupalgarh (Udaipur), and had issue. He died 11th September 1991. Rajkumari Bhavana Kumari, born 1st June 1961, married, (div.), and has issue, two children. Rao Sahib Digvijay Singh (qv) Rajkumari Bandana Kumari, born 16th November 1964, married 6th March 1992, Kunwar Saheb Shivendra Singhji, son of the late Raja Saheb Nihal Singhji of Pahargarh in Madhya Pradesh. Rajkumari Kalpana Kumari, born 18th August 1967, married 11th December 1998, Kunwar Saheb Hitendra Singhji, son of Thakur Dr. Pardaman Singhji of Burail in Himachal Pradesh. Rao Sahib DIGVIJAY SINGH, Rao of Patan

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