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Sher Mandal

September 30, 1541
Mirza Firuz Shah
Architectural and Building
Humayun 1530–1556

Sher Mandal



Sher Mandal (Sher Shah's Pavilion) is a 16th-century historic building within the Purana Qila fort located in Delhi, India. Designed in a blend of Timurid and Safavid architecture, it is the only surviving palace structure within the fort and has become a tourist attraction.


Death of Humayun The Mughal emperor Humayun is believed to have used this building as his library. Whilst contemporary historical accounts do not discuss the details of Humayun's death, Abul Fazl, Nizamuddin Ahmad, Firishta and Badayuni, both of whom held distinguished positions at the royal court of Humayun's son Akbar, recorded the event. Fazl wrote that, on 20 January 1556 (other sources give 24 January), Humayun had been on the roof of a recently fitted library to bless his subjects. He was expected to declare the promotions of various officers in an event which coincided with the rise of Venus, for which he had summoned his astronomers. Around evening, he began his descent and had made it only to the second step when he heard the azaan, the Muslim call to prayer. Humayun purportedly sat on the steps to pray and, as he stood up, one of his legs became entangled with his robe, resulting his fall down the stairs. He received an injury to his temple and died one to three days later. Nizamuddin, Mulla Ahmad, Firishta, Badauni et al confirmed this version, albeit with slight variations. Seydi Ali Reis, who was there at the time of accident, noted the exact same events and described the building as the Castle of Pleasure.


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