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Akbar Shah II 1806–1837
Stacked Wooden Logs


Hindoostan, divided into Soubahs according to the Ayin Acbaree," a historical map of Akbar's India from Wilkinson's Atlas, 1815.

Detailed map of Hindoostan, identifying the Soubahs of both Hindoostan Proper and Deccan.
Robert Wilkinson was active in London as a cartographic publisher from 1785 to 1825.
He produced a number of nice works, including a General Atlas and a re-issuance of
Bowen & Kitchen's English Atlas, along with excellent large format separate maps.

Robert Wilkinson (cartographer)
Robert Wilkinson (fl. c. 1768 - 1825)[1] was an English map maker and atlas publisher.

Most of Wilkinson's maps were derived from English map publisher John Bowels. Following Bowels' death in 1779, Wilkinson acquired the Bowels map plate library. After acquiring the map plate library, Wilkinson updated the plates until 1794 when he released The General Atlas of the World (1794, 1802, 1809). This atlas was reissued several times until Wilkinson's death in 1825.

Wilkinson's other works include Bowen and Kitchin's Large English Atlas (1785), Speer's West Indies (1796), Atlas Classica (1797), and independently issued maps of New Holland (1820) and North America (1823).

Wilkinson's offices were located at No.58, Cornhill, London. from 1792 - 1816, after which he relocated to 125 Frenchurch Street, also in London, until 1823.

After his death, Wilkinson's business and map plates were acquired by William Darton Jr, who reissued the General Atlas.

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