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Indian Mutiny Map Showing Position of Troops on 1st May 1857 During Mughal Emperor Bahadur Shah II 1837–1857

Mirza Firuz Shah
Bahadur Shah II 1837–1857
Stacked Wooden Logs


the North Western Provinces, were stillwithout the protection of British garrisons, and no steps, such as thecollection of supplies and caiTiage, had been taken anywhere for theprompt movement or mobilisation of British troops (MacLeodInnes). On the 3rd May the 7th Oudh Irregulars mutinied atLucknow, and were disarmed by Sir Henry Lawrence. Then on theloth came the great outbreak at Meerut, 40 miles from Delhi. The XClX r Europeans, prisoned for place on the 1 it was seen the Arsenal ry vestige of g^ of Delhi heir head. aroused the weeks there It days and they began On the 30th d from this ish officers, : men alone en escorted ose, it made ntres of the was in the vlih a mere mbers from y Lawrence nd Meerut, he 32nd at 3, at Agra. efforts to er Colonel 1 and 70th Dm Burma, m followed. ent of Lord itched from s were sent e spot were completed there was sd that the snares and .velock was vill be foundwill best be :3 INDIAN MUTINY—/K<)P SHOWING DISTRIBUTION OF TROOPS ON tat MAY 1867

Text Appearing After Image: Introcl. tHE OUTBREAK ici* sepoys, after murdering some of their officers and other Europeans,and liberating some of their comrades, who had been imprisoned forinsubordination, made off for Delhi. On arriving at that place on thenth they were joined by the three regiments there, when it was seenthat no pursuit from Meerut was to be feared ; and after the Arsenalhad been captured and many officers murdered, and every vestige ofBritish authority destroyed, they declared the King of DelhiEmperor of India, and his sons placed themselves at their head. Probably this forward move of the Mughal party aroused thejealousy of the other rival conspirators, and for three weeks therewas no other mutiny. But when the natives found that days andweeks passed without any punishment being inflicted, they beganto think that the British power was really at an end. On the 30thMay the 71st Native Infantry mutinied at Lucknow, and from thisdate there was a general rising. In some cases British officers,wome.


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Shah Sharaf Barlas

average rating is null out of 5

If possible anyone have shijra family tree of Mughal Barlas traib of Attock Pakistan please share with me.

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If possible anyone have shijra family tree of Mughal Barlas traib of Attock Pakistan please share with me.


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