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Akbar III 1948-2012
Stacked Wooden Logs


"An Historical Atlas of Central Asia" written by Yuri Bregel. This is stated on Page no 87 of this book.


Aq-Saray Ding: mausoleum, 11th–12th cent.
Astana: mausoleum of Sheykh Mukhtar Vali, end of 13th–14th cent.
Baqïrghan: mausoleum of Hakim Ata and Seyid Ata, 15th cent.(?)
Dev-Kesken: complex (3 mausoleums and mosque), end of 15th–16th cent. (on the site of the city of Vezir)
Hazarasp: Friday mosque, 18th cent.
Imarat Baba: complex (3 mausoleums and mosque) near Qosh-Qupïr, 18th–19th cent.
Ismail Baba: mausoleum in the region of Baghat, 19th cent. (?).
Ism-i Mahmud Ata: complex (mausoleum and mosque)
Khanqa: mosque and khanqah of Sayed Ata, 1766.
Khiva: see city map
– minaret of Outlaugh Timur, between 1321 and 1333
– “mausoleum of Fakhr ad-Din Razi”, 12th cent. (as mausoleum was used from the 16th–17th cent.)
– “mausoleum of Töre-Bek Khanïm” (supposedly a mausoleum of the Sufi dynasty), 1360s
– “mausoleum of #Ali Sultan”, 14th or 16th cent.
– mausoleum (or khanqah) of Najm ad-Din Kubra, between 1321 and 1333
– mausoleum of Pir-Yar Vali, 14th–16th cent.
– mausoleum of #Ali Ramitani, 14th–16th cent.
Lalazem Ata: complex (khanqah and mausoleum), south-west of Takhta, 17th cent.
Mizdahqan: mausoleum of Mazlum-Khan Sulu, end of 13th–early 14th cent.
Mizrab Shah Khorezmi: mausoleum near Hazarasp, 16th–18th cent.
Sultan Uveys Baba: complex (mosque and mausoleums) in the Sultan Uveys Mountains, early 19th cent.
#Uthman Seyid Baba: mausoleum near Gurlen, 16th/19th cent.
Vayengan Baba: mausoleum in the region of Shavat, 16th/19th cent

Turkmenistan (excluding Khorezm):
Aqcha-qala: caravanseray ca. 50 km northeast of Merv, on the road to Charjuy, 11th cent.
Daya-Khatïn: caravanseray on the road from Charjuy to Khorezm, early 12th/15th cent.
Gök Gumbez: three mausoleums in a cemetery 70 km north of Bayram-Ali, 14th–15th cent.
Khuday-Nazar Ovliya: mausoleum 28 km north of Bayram-Ali, 12th cent.
Makhtum-qala: mausoleum Makhtum, 15th cent.
Mashhad-i Misriyan:
– Shir-Kabir, mosque, 9th–10th/12th cent.
– minaret of Abu Ja#far Ahmad, 1004/5
– mosque of Khorezmshah Muhammad, with minaret, early 13th cent.
– anonymous mausoleums, 11th–12th cent.
Meana: mausoleum of Abu Said b. Abi’l-Khayr, mid-11th/14th cent.

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Ismail Mazari

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Very good information.

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Shah Sharaf Barlas

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If possible anyone have shijra family tree of Mughal Barlas traib of Attock Pakistan please share with me.


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