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When The Mughal Ruled India

Mike Edwards
Akbar III 1948-2012
Stacked Wooden Logs


This is stated on 'National Geographic The 1980s' .May 1983-August 1986 of this CD-ROM.

Ever intent on conquest," the Moguls amassed a realm of as many as 150 million subjects. Babur hailed from Central Asia, where, unable to pluck the plum of Samarkand, he turned south and from Afghanistan took northern India. His heir, Humayun, lost most footholds but regained a base for his indomitable son Akbar, who ruled from Bengal to the doorstep of Persia. Painting attained unrivaled heights under his successor Jahangir and architecture under Shah Jahan. But hostile forces from the south took their toll on the last Great Mogul, Aurangzeb, who saw inexorable dissolution set in.

1483 Babur is barn in Fergana.
1526 Babur defeats Ibrahim Sultan of Delhi, at Panipat.
1530 Death of Babur , accession of son Humayun.
1540 Humayun defeated by Afgan leader Sher Shah, who rules empire.
1555 Humayun retakes Delhi
1556 Humayun dies: son Akbar enthroned.
1562 Akbar, a freethinking Muslim, marries a princess of the powerful Hindu province of Rajputana.
1564 Akbar abolishes jizya, the tax on non-Muslims.
1605 Death of Akbar, succession of san Jahangir.
1617 Jahangir's son Khurram pacifies rebellious Deccan region and receives title of Shah Jahan.
1627 Jahanyir dies: Shah Jahan procluimed emperor and executes five rivals.
1631 Quoen Mumtaz Mahal dies in childbirth, the following year work begins an her tomb, the Taj Mahal.
1657 Rumors of Shah Jahan's imminent death trigger war among four sons. The victor Aurangzeb, is
crowned in 1658 and confines his father to the place.
1666 Death of Shah Jahan.
1679 The Jizya reimposed.
1681 Aurangzeb departs for the Deccan, remains 26 years.
1707 Aurangzeb dies.
1739 Persians massacre the people of Delhi and carry off Peacock Throne
1862 Death of last of 17 succeeding Mogul rulers, Bahadur Shah II

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