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August 19, 2021 at 12:00:00 AM
Mughal emperor Jehangir gave Ahmedabad the moniker ‘Gardabad’

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Mughal emperor Jehangir gave Ahmedabad the moniker ‘Gardabad’

AHMEDABAD: When Mughal emperor Jehangir first visited Ahmedabad in 1617, he was crestfallen. In the Mughal annals, Jehangir says he had heard good things of the city. But when he arrived, he found the city covered in a “dust heap”. So annoyed was the emperor that he wanted to rename the city. “I have already called Ahmedabad ‘Gardabad’ (city full of dust),” he wrote. “Should I call it Samumistan (land of the diseased wind), Bimaristan (land of the ill), Zaqumzar (thorn patch), or Jahannamabad (place of hell).” Jehangir had even ordered an experiment to prove his point. He asked two sheep to be skinned and then hung up, one in Ahmedabad, the other few hundred kilometres east in Mahmudabad. Indeed, he was right. The sheep in Ahmedabad began to rot within eight hours, while that in Mahmudabad lasted for 14 hours.
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