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Building Better Future

Building Future Mughals

What is the Future Mughals ?


The world today as we see it is witnessing rapid changes across all sectors and industries, the future can be (lived/ foreseen) right here in our present. With the legacy of our forefathers, and in line with the vision of our leadership, the world is keeping pace with future technology and making the best of innovation to shape a better future.


With this mandate, the Mughal Library is trying to create a world-class innovation platform for ideas to take shape, establish a strengthened bond amongst enthusiasts globally and foster an environment that encourages and recognizes creative minds from around the globe all influenced by the legacy of the Mughal Empire.

We believe that setting the framework for a better future is not an option, but an imperative. We see challenges as opportunities to push our boundaries and achieve what others consider to be impossible. We believe that building a brighter future can be achieved only through a strong understanding of the past and the rich history of our ancestors who shaped the world we live in today.

What is the Purpose of having this Section?


Guided by a strategic road map, and through collectively imagining, and inspiring the future, we want to build a legacy for the Mughal Empire based on a reflection from the past. For this, we continuously work towards achieving the vision and goals of placing Mughal library as a platform of future knowledge and a hub of innovation.


How does History influence our Present Society and the Future?


History has a great impact on society because the interaction between the society and its past is an unending one, the interaction is mutual and continuous. Since history is said to be concerned with people in the society, their interaction and their relationships, thus, history is both the past and the study of the past. 

At the same time, it should be mentioned that, the society is shaped by the effort of people among others, who endeavour to establish the history of the society’s influence to define the duties of people in the society that is the essence of what binds its people together; what constitutes their identity, what makes them a people distinct from other peoples. When we say that the past interacts

with the present and the future, and this is only because of the preservation of its values from the past which will ensure our future generations follow and learn from the principles and at the same time, learn from the mistakes too.