Affiliation As A Bookseller

Affiliate With Us


An affiliate program is a marketing tool that would allow approved participants to earn commissions by placing unique links on their website referring customers back to your website or providing them a reference code to purchase from the website, thus increasing sales and traffic through your website. Once you have accepted someone as an affiliate, they can set up links on their site or reference codes that will drive traffic to your site. Customers who follow those links are tracked, and if a sale happens during that customer visit, the affiliate commissions are determined (In the end the store is responsible for paying the affiliates directly). For a sale to be 'eligible' the customer must follow the Affiliate link or the reference code to your site, and complete placing their order without leaving the site.

Why Become an Affiliate with us as a Bookseller?


The Mughal Library is all about giving back to everyone who supports book culture. Authors can double their royalties by selling their books through us, while supporting the local bookstores at the same time. All while supporting the entire ecosystem around books!


We support booksellers who advocate for books through our affiliate program, which pays a 8% commission on every sale to the booksellers who Affiliates with us. We can partner up with bookstores with the books in our niche and every time a purchase has been made through our website of these books provided by the bookseller, we pay a flat commission 


How does it work?


Every time someone comes through you to our website and purchases a book with the reference code provided to you by us, it will count as a valid affiliate and you will be rewarded for the 8% of the value of the cart.You need to make sure that the person uses the reference code provided by us for their purchases. The good thing is that anytime the customer uses your reference code in any period of time to make a purchase, you will be rewarded.